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Teen Poetry #2
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0 posted 2000-03-03 02:31 PM

My first love came and went
taking with him my heart.
The next became my best freind
but his girlfreind ripped him and I apart.
The third was simply a follish boy
taking away my all that I'd kept pure.
Will the ever be love for me,
of this one thing I'm just not sure.

Then you came along
after I'd built up all my walls.
I didn't want anyone to care about me
so that I could not get hurt.
But you care and tell me all the time,
it's hard to try and not care for you.
You tell me honesty's and dont use me,
but we got way to physical to fast.
I am disapointed in myself,
for not making us go slow.
if I tell you how I feel
I know you'll understand.
You'll hold my hand and tell me it's ok,
but I dont want this.
I dont want you to like me
and care if I am happy or not.
Why cant you think of me as a loser,
soemone not quite good enough for you.
Why did we have to talk at all?
Were we sopposed to meet
and stay together.
Are you gonna hurt me,
use me as a toy.
I'll crush you before that happens,
I barely lived the first time love left,
so I refuse to experience that again.

 ~The price of finding love is to eventually lose it. When I wish on a falling star, I wish not for material goods but to show kindness to others and be content with what the world may offer me~

~Maitay Mirabel Litton~

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1 posted 2000-03-03 06:05 PM

I know that when love ends it hurts but just remember how good it feels to be in love.  I broke up with my boyfriend of over a year and a half about a month ago and i'm still hurting, but i know that almost that whole year and a half was wonderful.  i'm also having problem wondering why someone would like me and i think it would be easier for everyone if they didn't.  I really liked your poem and hope to read more.
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