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since 2000-01-14
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0 posted 2000-02-28 10:47 AM

Why did this have to happen now, Todd?
You know I wanted to be with you,
but you just gave delayed it until
your chance just flew on by- for now.

Why did this have to happen now, Nate?
I chose to give you my heart,
and now that you have that piece of me,
but you are just as confused as me.

Why did this have to happen now?
I finally found the perfect people,
but they both showed up at the same time.
Why do I have to choose?

~Kristi Lynn

© Copyright 2000 Kristi Stanczak - All Rights Reserved
since 2000-01-31
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1 posted 2000-02-28 02:46 PM

I can understand where you're coming from. Well said.

 "The worst of what people do to one another is deceive.
Because when you love someone you control their version
of reality. If you lie to them that's like making them
autistic so that what they believe is reality is in fact,
not their true situation at all.

since 2000-01-20
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Bonduel, WI USA
2 posted 2000-02-28 03:56 PM

You have been there for me through so much this year, and I have been there for you.  I just want you to know that I have enjoyed your poem and that you know in oyur heart which one to choose.  Don't let anyone tell you different.  The world can be a very cruel place and the only person you can trust tobe honest with is yourself... so through all your pain and confusion listen to your heart and all will work out in the end, believe me!  And it would be nice if you'd help me some more through the whole Aaron thing.
Later gator
Your fave Chica

since 2000-01-14
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3 posted 2000-02-28 04:11 PM

You are a snot!  I've helped you a lot through the whole Aaron thing, so bite me.  Not literally, please!  Anyhoo, thanks for being there for me- you have no idea how much it means, even if I do get moody on ya sometimes.  Thanks, dear.
Love ya,
Kristi Lynn    

Paul Hoekman
since 1999-12-28
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Harwinton Ct. U>S>A>
4 posted 2000-03-01 12:09 PM

That's a tough situation
A heart on overtime
a heart torn
unseen forces pulling at the soul.

As a father of 3 girls I would first want
to know more about the character of these
guys, their virtues their Spirituality,
which is more honest which truly cares
about their fellow man, which is better
at sharing?????? sense of humor.
I hope you consider these the important
aspects of a real man.
NOT looks,money, popularity because all these

since 2000-01-14
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5 posted 2000-03-01 09:31 AM

They are both the sweetest, most wonderful people in the world, but none of that is what matters, either.  What matters is that they both care a lot about me and the people around them, and I'm happy with both of them...
~Kristi Lynn

Danny Holloway
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since 2000-01-15
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Tulsa, OK
6 posted 2000-03-01 10:53 AM

May I echo what Paul has written.  They are wise words and worthy of the attention of many of the teen poets.
Good luck!

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since 1999-12-03
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just about where I want to be
7 posted 2000-03-01 11:00 AM

I am in the same situation Kristi...only with 3 guys!!! Maybe you could e-mail me, and we'll talk about it?

stay cool  


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