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0 posted 2000-01-30 03:49 PM

i guess i was wrong.  

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1 posted 2000-01-30 04:22 PM

ender: first... yes, marilyn is an adult... frankly i am disturbed by the fact that you would object to this... i challenge you to produce a post by her (or refer me to one) that shows her unappreciation of scorn towards "teen poetry".... secondly, i am bothered by the idea that you would seperate "teen poetry" from other forms of poetry... good writing is the same, despite the age of the writer... we are all here to learn to be better poets, not to pat ourselves on the backs about how we're going to be the next shakespeare... none of us are perfect and none of us write perfectly... we could ALL stand some major improvement in our poetry... finally, this forum DOES have teen moderators, but i personally am thankful that we have someone older, wiser, and more experienced to help us grow and learn (both in life and as poets)... i hope that marilyn reads this and knows that i, for one, truly appreciate her efforts and her presence here...

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I have to agree with Poetry_Kills completely. It should make no diffrence if Marilyn is an adult. Age is just a number. She has never said anything aganst the poetry here unless it is inappropriate. She gives suggestions to help us grow as writers, as does most of the people here in the forum. Like Poetry said, this is a place to help us become better writers, not to see how much praise we can get.  

Also, I think that being aganst Marilyn moderating because she is an adult is just as bad as if someone didn't want you to do a job you are qualified to do just because you are a teen. Think about that. In a way, you are no diffrent from some of these people most of us have encountered that either hate or are afraid of teens, and will do anything to keep us from our rights. But, that's just my opinion.

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3 posted 2000-01-30 05:31 PM

Please don't cringe, but I was a teen in the sixties. You might have heard of that decade? We were the ones with long hair, bell bottoms, Woodstock, beatniks, flower power, and music deemed an instrument of Satan. Some of us fought in Vietnam, many of us fought against Vietnam, some of us burned bras, all of us burned bridges. If there was a rule - we broke it.

Was that a result of the era? Or was that simply because we were teens, rebelling against a world that made little sense to us. I don't know. I make the point simply to make it clear that I understand "breaking rules." To be frank, I've spent most of my life breaking rules.

I came into Teen today because I received an email from Ender offering to help moderate the Teen forum. Coincidentally enough, it arrived not an hour after another email from Marilyn - asking if I could find someone to help her and Alwye in here. So, needless to say, I was very pleased with Ender's offer. But before I turn over the keys to my home to someone, I kinda like to know a little bit about them. What better way, I said to myself, to learn about someone than by reading their poetry. So, in I came.

A moderator's job, first and foremost, is to encourage people to write and to contribute. I'd like to think Passions is about sharing. And about growth. I think both Marilyn and Alwye, and indeed all the Moderators here, do a great job of encouragement. But a Moderator also has a secondary job, the job of enforcing the rules. We don't have a lot of them, I think. Most deal with content and keeping Passions a family-oriented site, though a few are a bit more arbitrary and are concerned more with just plain keeping the place organized. I really do understand breaking rules. I know something about chaos. And I know it doesn't work for long. Rules - and especially our primary rule of Respect & Tolerance - are the lubricant that makes a society able to function. Without that lubricant, friction would destroy us.

Unfortunately, Ender's credibility as a potential Moderator was hurt a bit when I discovered this thread. One of those "organizational" rules we have is that Poetry forums are for poetry and Discussion forums are for discussions. We also have a rule about using our Photo feature for things other than photos, both to preserve bandwidth and insure our threads load quickly on your computer. Gee, just one thread and Ender already broke two rules.

I really would like to find another Teen moderator in here. Not because I think Marilyn, as an "adult," can't or isn't doing the job, but rather because I'd very much like to get the Teens more involved in the web site. Those that have been to the main site might know we have three categories there entirely devoted to teen poetry. And I get a lot of great participation there. Marilyn is a moderator here because she cares about two things very deeply - Teens and what we're trying to accomplish at Passions. Heck, Marilyn cares about people - and I guess that pretty much covers the other two points.

I'm going to close this thread and move it to the Alley - where it should have been posted to start with - but I encourage everyone to come over and continue the discussion. What do you think I should be looking for in a Teen moderator?

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