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0 posted 2003-07-16 06:45 PM

Okae, dumb question, i know. I was chatting with a friend of mine, and he said some of my writing kind of slams him in the face. I think maybe i need some writing lessons on being subtle. Anyone know some pieces for my study?
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1 posted 2003-07-16 08:38 PM

do you think you could send me some of your writing? i might be able to help
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2 posted 2003-07-17 02:53 AM

Oh dear Icy...what could I say that may help you???

Okay, let me start by saying this:  I am a thirty year old mother of two natural children, and three children that came with that wonderful man that I married.  It has been my experience that we never stop learning.  Each day teaches me something new, whether it be a lesson that I learned on my own, or one that I was able to see through the eyes of my children.  

Poetry is a writer's way of expressing ideas, beleifs, feelings, and emotions that may ohterwise go un-noticed.  The fact that your friend said that your poetry "slams him in the face" is most certainly his opinion.  Does that mean that you should change your style, or stop writing the way that you feel comfortable doing?

I have went and read quite a few peices of your work, and I really enjoyed some of them.  I like your style in many ways.  Some of us write "raw" words which I have found can and often do upset others.  There is much therapy in the act of writing, and sometimes the reader can not relate because he or she hasn't "walked in our shoes" so to say.

If were to ask only me, I would tell you that learning more (because I am trying as well) ways to write and style our poetry is a wonderful thing.  However, on the same note, I would tell you to continue to express your emotions through your words (without hurting or confusing your readers).  Personally, I like to read something that hits home with me and gives me another angle to look through.  The world is not set inside a large bubble...therefore the platform for the writer is quite often very large.  My seven year old daughter (future poet me hopes!) can write some of the cutest poetry, and I wonder what's inside her little mind.  It's LIFE...the things that she sees, and dreams of, and wishes for...and has seem others go through.  This is the inspiration behind that tiny pen she carries!

The subtle approach can be good....but if it makes you feel any better, know that there are still those of us our here that enjoy a writer getting to the point at hand.  

Hope this helped!

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3 posted 2003-07-17 12:28 PM

I dont necessarily see that "slamming in the face" writing is all that bad - depends on the write - I call it the "punch"
but if you feel you need some help- go see Nan in Critical Analysis . . .

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4 posted 2003-07-18 05:30 PM

Thanks you guys. No, i won't change my style, but i'd like to be eclectic. I want to be exposed to a wide range of writing styles and to used them to enhance my own. I think that's why I joined Pip in the first place. To get accustomed to the many styles of the great poets here. If anyone would like to give me writing tips please do. I'd like the insight and it would be nice to get an Email every now and then ne?
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5 posted 2003-07-18 05:36 PM

The biggest writing tip I can give you is to read poetry (Out loud if you can), lots of it good and bad, learn what works and what doesn't.


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6 posted 2003-07-21 02:55 AM

You want some lessons on subtlety?  Hmm... try reading Ezra Pound or T.S. Eliot, they've both got a real knack for writing dark poetry that doesn't "slam" you, and has whispered and subtle tragedies underlying their words.

The magic of subtlety is that it leaves the exclamation points up to the reader's imagination.  Poetry is more powerful when it invokes feeling in the reader, as opposed to just describing feeling to them.

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since 2003-02-14
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7 posted 2003-07-21 05:05 PM

Thanks LP, I'll look read up on some of their works when I find 'em.
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