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0 posted 2003-06-16 06:21 PM

I posted a poem the other evening, the subject was in the discussion of making love to someone, though it was not typically sexual or graphic in my opinion.  Today it has mysteriously disappeared from the board.  I am curious to know if it was deleted and for what reason.  I am new here, ran a search, and the search engine says the poem still exists in poetry#27 or something along those lines.  The name of the poem is 'How it is when I make love to you.'  An explanation as to why it might have been deleted if it was actually deleted would be greatly appreciated.  I think I read somewhere that sexual material was not to be posted.  Perhaps I am on a different wavelength  in my thoughts of what is actually "sexual" and what is not.  If it was in fact deleted or removed, I was wondering if it would be at all possible for a moderator to reinstate it in an adult forum, being that now I have found there exists one of those here, or shall I just repost?

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Brian A. Stites

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1 posted 2003-06-16 08:04 PM

You were actually sent an email inidicating that after a moderator discussion it was moved to mature content. If you click the member's area at the top of the page you can sign up for mature content depending on your age of course. I read that poem and found it an intriguing write. Welcome to Passions and don't let this incident set you back. You are very welcome here and should find it to be a wonderful place. I love it here and hope you do as well.

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2 posted 2003-06-16 08:14 PM

Did you check your email, OSNL?
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