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Open Poetry #46
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0 posted 2010-12-02 05:07 PM

Rockin’ Santa

Santa is coming.
Make sure doors are locked.
He’s driving wild reindeer
and he’s doing the “rock”.
Half the presents
were left at North Pole
but he didn’t care
with still “rock” in his bowl.
On Donner ! On Blinkie !
Aah ! Who can remember names ?
Santa had the “rock”
and his brain was aflame.
Crashing into skyscrapers,
missing towers so narrow,
Santa took a toke
and straightened like an arrow.
Inside, I wrapped presents.
Outside, it was cold
when something hit the roof
like out of control.
I threw on my coat,
dashed into my sandals.
Surprised ! I saw Santa
with a fifth of Jack Daniels.
He said “Christmas is over.
I’m stoppin’ the clock
and headin’ ‘cross town
where there’s plenty of rock.”
I said “Santa, this is Christmas.
You don’t need any scandals.
On your feet soldier !”
And took the fifth of Jack Daniels.
I helped him to the sled and
his head seemed to clear.
He twinkled and said “Thanks,
I’ll make Christmas this year.”
He was gone in an instant,
‘tho unsteady in his manner.
But with rock “off” his brain,
we’ll have Christmas from Santa.
Sometimes what’s needed to free one man
from moments of madness
is one helping hand.
But hold back, hesitate, refuse or spurn
and there’ll be no hand extended
when it’s your turn !


© Copyright 2010 Namyh - All Rights Reserved
since 2010-11-18
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1 posted 2010-12-02 05:13 PM

great fun reading your poem.
Senior Member
since 2010-10-30
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2 posted 2010-12-02 06:43 PM

Old St. Nick is catching all kinds of hell lately.

. . . and the Raven said, %!~#&(&#!$!

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since 2003-10-26
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Watertown, NY
3 posted 2010-12-02 10:56 PM

I love the message in this, and its fun Enjoyed.


"A heart that can't feel its broken- can't heal."

Mistletoe Angel
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4 posted 2010-12-02 11:09 PM

Are you sure that wasn't Santacon?       

As you can tell from my screen-name, I LOVE holiday poetry and yours definitely has the holiday spirit with an enjoyable twist as well! And hey, who says Santa has to be stuck with Adult Contemporary? There's a song after all titled "Santa's Got A Hot Rod"!  

Loved this, my friend!

Lisping Hibiscus

"If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other"

Mother Teresa

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New Brunswick Canada
5 posted 2010-12-02 11:10 PM

He he great message.
But what can a Santa do when up there zipping through the cold cold wind?
A little tummy warmer and a quick smoke to get through the night.

Santa should be able to 'Rock' with the best of them. After all, look what he does for billions of misguided humans...

Awful lot to demand of that poor old fat bellied dude. I think he should join the Elf's union and protest.

Very clever writing! Love the song parody!


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6 posted 2010-12-03 01:35 PM

Mike – If it put a smile on you, then this scribbler of words is proud that this piece put it there for you to have fun. Namyh
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since 2009-01-20
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7 posted 2010-12-03 01:37 PM

JerryPat – Look at it this way. We live in perilous times which makes us all susceptible to catching hell. It’s just Santa’s turn to catch his share too. Hope this rocked your day a little. Thanks JerryPat. Namyh
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8 posted 2010-12-03 01:37 PM

Trina – Sometimes all it takes is a helping hand to pull someone out of a pit or prevent someone from falling into one. Glad you loved the message, had fun and enjoyed. Namyh
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since 2009-01-20
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9 posted 2010-12-03 01:39 PM

Namaste – I’m sure it wasn’t Santacon. That’s Santa’s evil half-brother who makes tiny ammo for the military and lives at the South Pole. Fortunately he wasn’t there and probably would have taken my Jack Daniels from me. But if you found some holiday spirit with an enjoyable twist here, then put it under that yuletide tree tied with a red bow and have a happy holiday from me. So glad you LOVE this holiday poetry. Hope it put an Angel under your Mistletoe. Ho! Ho! Ho! Namyh
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10 posted 2010-12-03 01:40 PM

Eric – Look at it this way. Santa is a guy who’s got a big job to do for us guided and misguided humans. He’s got to keep the North Pole running, upgrade manufacturing, support an elves working staff, maintain public relations and prevent reindeer from becoming an endangered species, especially that one with the red nose. Santa is saying cut him some slack even when he falls off the wagon or out of that sled from 30 feet up. And if you ever see him with Jack Daniels, intervene and get him straight. Besides, he doesn’t have to protest to the Elf’s Union. He “is” the Elf’s Union and can definitely ‘Rock’ with the best of them. Santa! You gotta love that guy. LOL. So very happy you stopped in and brought your enjoyment with ya Eric. Namyh
Andrew Scott
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11 posted 2010-12-03 05:40 PM

Even ol' Saint Nick has to have his vices. Though, I'm glad he recovers quickly. One might say, he's built up a tolerance for the hard stuff. Thanks for the smile and a Coke.

"We'll chase them like rats across the tundra."

Klassy Lassy
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12 posted 2010-12-04 12:51 PM

Poor Santa, he's always on the clock!  Love your tale of the steadying hand and the demise of Jack Daniels (or not...LOL)  We need to make sure Santa flies right, and leave a few cookies to his credit.  

Fun poem and superbly written!


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13 posted 2010-12-05 01:13 PM

Andrew – Holiday spirits come in all forms and they fortunately fortify a quick recovery. Santa is a pro. So very happy you smiled ‘cause as they say “everything goes better with Coke”. Namyh

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14 posted 2010-12-05 01:15 PM

KlassyL – This story has a little of us all in it, the over indulgence, the crash afterwards, the stranger’s helping hand and the resurrection of spirit, a human drama in miniature but with a few good cookies still left on the table for Santa. So very happy you had fun. Namyh

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