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Open Poetry #46
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0 posted 2010-11-06 01:50 PM

The crone's voice,
colder than the Wyoming Winter's Blast
mere moments before.
Though I fought against it,
using every fiber in my body,
I turned to look upon her face
the blackness of the closed-in bridge now muted with soft light.
Though the voice was that of an old crone,
her face unblemished, young and pure,
wearing a tunic of the purist raw silk.
That I knew, but how I did not.
She bade me closer
and held a warty toad.
I was petrified, not one step could I take.
She threw her head back,
laughed beyond tomorrow,
looked at me with knowledge from some ancient Oracle's Wisdom,
put the frog 'tween her lovely lips
with one bloody click of her teeth
took off its head.
When she evaporated
into the musky air
she cackled once, saying,
You are on the Bridge of Eventual Eternity,
pass on to the Resurrected Side.

With immense relief
I began to make my way toward the Resurrected Side.
Each step I took,
and I took them quickly,
even began to run;
still, with each step toward the Resurrected Side
the further away it was from me.
I stopped to ponder.
I'd never pondered before.
Pondering is different from thinking.
A ponder is heavier, more profound
I discovered.
I asked myself questions,
Questions I once thought I knew the answers to.
"What am I doing here?"
"What have I come to find?"
"Have I lost my mind?"
I still recall why I'm here,
searching for my Quintessence;
the pure, core elemental quality of life;
me, in other words.
I'm searching for Pure Peace
I've heard of, but never had;
The reaffirming of my undertaking
brought the Resurrected Side merely one step away.
I took that step.
I found myself in a landscape
once removed from darkness,
forever to wander
inside spectral thoughts
perhaps foolishly,
maybe aggressively passive as I uncover who I am,
what I am about,
my Quintessence,
my Peace.
The Forest Tall a memory
I move into the Resurrected Side
I am not concealed within its sparseness.
My world has changed
in a blink of an Asteroid's Death
centuries ago
I quickly
find myself naked, alone and quite, quite afraid
of what I can't see
in this Unstable Bog.
Was I naked in the Forest Tall?
Maybe, but the Forest Tall made me feel clothed
for no one could see
except maybe the voices who bade me take my leave.
The Resurrected Side is an Omnipresence Bog,
gray, sinister and gloomy gray
clouds hover o'er the life-like oozing of this Surreal Bog
where the ground isn't soil at all,
and, as I trod in bare feet
it feels like pudding squishing between my toes.
As far as I can see
the landscape bubbles like boiling chocolate pudding,
plop, plop, plop-plop,
but the ground,
if ground is what it is,
is the consistency of cold oatmeal.
As before in the Forest Tall
I hear voices,
if voices they really are.
Voices that speak to me,
I daren't speak back,
there is danger about,
that feeling is full of meaning within my bones.
The ground before me erupts into one gigantic PLOP
standing before me
an awkward looking organism
not human,
not animal,
grinning at me,
or is that a frown?
A snarl?
It speaks dispirited, sad words,
I am Mortally Wounded Psyche,
look what you have done to me.

© Copyright 2010 Jerry Pat Bolton - All Rights Reserved
Cpat Hair
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1 posted 2010-11-06 06:20 PM

quite the tale you weave sir..
you touch on many things, many revelations..

I have enjoyed your scribes

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2 posted 2010-11-06 06:26 PM

I appreciate your nice comment, Cpat, thank you very much.

. . . and the Raven said, %!~#&(&#!$!

Prasad Nataraj
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3 posted 2010-11-07 05:43 AM

Soul searching is something everyone must do at some point of time, it sure helps. Fine writing Jerry, vivid images.

"Hardwork pays in the long run"

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4 posted 2010-11-07 06:10 AM

I agree, Prasad, and this is what my guy in the poem is doing. It is his time.

. . . and the Raven said, %!~#&(&#!$!

Eusta B. Mae
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since 2010-05-03
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5 posted 2010-11-08 09:02 AM

I like the depths to which this piece(s) goes into introspection. Look forward to delving deeper with you.
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6 posted 2010-11-08 10:36 AM

Thank you, Eusta B,
Dark Stranger
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West Coast
7 posted 2010-11-08 02:23 PM

one could end it..."look what I have done to me"...enjoyed the unraveling of this braid
Senior Member
since 2010-10-30
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8 posted 2010-11-08 02:36 PM

Maybe I will, Dark Stranger.
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