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0 posted 2011-09-24 12:21 PM

I wrote this about current events being depressing and how it relates to how I feel...

I walk around the world staring in amazement
Til reality hits and crashes me to the pavement
Every corner has a reminder the world can be sh|t
Teaching you lessons you never hope to forget
America looks like the scariest place on earth
Look around you to see every other place is worse
We live in an age of fear, anxiety and lust
Greed and evil consume all, who's left to trust

I can't help to feel all alone in this mess
Feeling like there's no way to make the best
This can't be what life has to offer, there's more
This can't be as good as it gets, show me another door
I pray and ask simply for something to believe in
No response, a demon waits for my patience to wear thin
Every path I take turns into an endless maze
Every bit of light I see turns to endless haze

I look to our leaders to bring us to strength
I look to my heart and feel the hurt beneath
I've always wanted to stay on the right track
But in this life you lose when you fight back
My counselor says to say positive, I can't see how
The only thing on my mind is depression right now
I've heard the night is darkest right before dawn
Capture the sunrise and hope the dark is gone

© Copyright 2011 Swisha - All Rights Reserved
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1 posted 2012-01-06 11:53 AM

You must be your own light and your own savior. When there is nothing or no one else to believe in, believe in your own positivity. Do not let the masses taint you.

I speak insanity. I write fantasy. I sleep reality.

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2 posted 2012-01-15 12:14 PM

When religion, big corporations and government have their roots firmly planted into greed and fear mongering, all the while walking hand in hand together, it makes for a scary place to live. It’s not the America I remember growing up in, but unfortunately it would appear to be the America we have today. Good write, thank you for posting.

Regret not that which you have done,
Rather that which you haven't

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