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0 posted 2009-07-30 03:31 PM

Forged as an offspring of Kain, I came.
To set ablaze the early days, quick and cryptic
I sit now, caged, amongst the screams.
Hellfire it seems awaits my dreams!
I can feel the flame's lick
My eyes bleed of black,
while the body breeds
hatred and bacterial plaque!

A dark demoness and wolf pack, disgusted,
controlling the vastness, unchallenged!
I wonder what part I play
in this spiritual rebirth
While echoes of dark acts
are perpetrated beneath the earth.

An eternity through the barren wastelands.
Can I withstand this passage through the desert?
In these broken lands,
with knowledge of the ancient ways.
I stand in the doorway of light and dark.
The dank, cold air of this long forgotten tomb
makes it impossible to see through the gloom.
I'm losing what remains of my humanity
with demonic speed.
Insanity it seems is my relief,
along with the brief belief in grief

Proven insignificant beneath the corrupting
influence of the yawning abyss.
A mind filled with sickness,
the righteous soul shall fall before the wicked
as the sound of a thousand needles rips apart the heart
battles of curdling blood in the depths of night,
surrounding crimson sight scars of this world shine bright,
An incantation of the evil one,
composed by screams and an equation
of verbs and nouns in foreign tongue.

I foresee rows of nails,
blades stained in filth,
while another chapel of God's freewill
is manipulated in sin
Herein lies the pitchfork and pigskin
another cut of pork from an identical twin
Like Hitler in Berlin,
the atrocities dedicated to humanity
Can’t be seen till the end.

- If I cant bend Heaven, I shall move Hell -

© Copyright 2009 Brian M. Caouette - All Rights Reserved
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Curiousity, and wonder
1 posted 2009-08-06 05:26 PM

Very good descriptions. Makes it a good dark read.

Words have power, Im going to unleash the power of my soul.

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