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0 posted 2009-05-07 11:53 PM

Try and envision an exotic flute sample,
along with guitars and a sad piano.
An ambient drum pattern, the emotional strings.
My mental has the choir singing,
the powerful vocals
leave thoughts in your head spinning.
I'm the product of misconception, an angel of sin.
It amazes me how the Government evades truth,
by letting the devil in.
a political soldier can say anything
next to the sound of a violin.

Dear the daily departed...
I don't understand why in this Country
we have so many empty tummies...
What about all the harvests?!?@!?@?!@?!@?
why cherish the moment,
when so many give up and close the casket
so many deep topics, misery loves company,
a girl of mystery,
an epidemic of the impossible.
Am at the end of my rope...
I approach the city limits.
The anthem of a King plays this rainy night
provoking powerful images of forgotten memories.
It's the next best thing during the
midnight opera and last requiem.
The touch of emptiness, a smooth talker!
Escaped from the hood, O how it makes me feel
the cold heart and sophisticated dark toned
melody in this diary of a madman.

Just when I thought it was over...
I can't return to the life Christ nurtured.
Liquid in lakes formed from prehistoric glaciers
With deadly designs on the rise,
even thou she felt pleasure from the sting.
The molten waves of emotion
carved her forever in sin.
As the seasons turn,
disease strikes the leaf and brown it turns!
The rage I put to pages, rampaged cravings!
Too much of anything makes you an addict
my chronological age isn't important
I grew-up as an illegitimate killer
in the age of the US Military Guerilla.
Locked in military conflicts with convicts
that depicts and predicts
the fact addicts perfected the perfect way
to fake bliss...I see exploding fire...
as if I was on top of Krakatoa,
feeling like Nobody knows yeah.

- If I cant bend Heaven, I shall move Hell -

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1 posted 2009-05-08 09:01 PM

Sounds like you wrote this one from the DEPTHS of your heart. Very deep-- great read.
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