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0 posted 2018-12-21 10:01 AM

Yes its written in red, I remember a time when you told me that red and black were your colors

That's not really what you're doing here reading this now are you?

Of course not, at some point and time throughout our lives I finally have been able to sit down, think, and really put into words everything and anything that I've wanted to say or felt towards you... so here are my lines

Hopefully you understand, and they don't confuse you

Everything that I write out, is personal and will forever remain that way

After all, how can you really be honest with someone, if you can't speak words, you truly mean to say?

I wish I knew all the answers to all the questions that you have, as well as myself

Truth be told, I'm still new at this, so I haven't quite figured it out

In the beginning, I literally have just been there to take care of my daughter

Being honest, I was never expecting anything, especially as what has become my biggest shocker

Somehow, one day, I just remember looking at you

I never thought that well over a year later, that you would be in my dreams too

Slowly over time it was as if I couldn't help myself

As the roles have become reversed, realizing how I felt

Is it possibly for one person to make you feel such a way?
As if knowing that this person, may be come of great importance to you one day?

You were there for me when I was going through a very tough time
Yet even now still to this day, a part of me will always want you to be mine

As the weeks have went on when we first started talking
I really had no idea that a physical attraction would actually turn into something

Right from the start I felt that, no you're not exactly my type
However over time, every time I've been around you, it just felt right

Its funny to think that this all has happened all because I felt that I was never going to see you again

So was it wrong of me to ever say anything? As everyday to me, you've been more than just a friend

What started as just a crush, admiring how you look, and the sound of your voice

I realize over time with what I've done, as a good part of it has been my choice

I will never regret anything positive that I've ever said to you

However, any words of hurt, pain, anger, and fear, no amount of I'm sorry's will ever fulfill a worthy debt to forever be paid

You know that I've tried to move on and forget you
Of course that's not really what I want, as I would hope that by now, you know the truth

Overtime I have noticed, that no amount of time will ever be enough with you

As with you,I seem to be selfish, trust me its a feeling quite different and new

As everyday and everyday, there are always thoughts in my head, always of you

For a moment if you could only see yourself through my eyes

Then maybe, just maybe, you would find yourself in shock and surprise

Of course that's not reality as you are a guy

Emotions and feelings.. not exactly known to be a mans private eye

Why must women be so emotional and detailed?

When men can be so carefree, set in stone, never derailed

We think differently I understand that, but there must be some common ground

As I still feel for you, as I have felt since the first day, but now stronger, and I always want you around

How can one person make another feel such a way
That can practically take control of a situation, As if hypnotized, a trance, even blackmail if you may

I don't understand why I've never gone through this with anyone before

While waiting for you, for what seems like forever, everyday, I just want you even more

To our first kiss, which I still remember, Didn't it happen in the month of November?

When once upon a time you had said that it felt so amazing and it was all you could think about

What happened to that man?, The one who made such an impression on me, yet I still can never figure you out

How is it no matter how many times that one of us says that were done

I believe that deep down inside we both know that's not true, as that is part of why this poem has even begun

Why is it that we can never leave each other alone? Or how many times have one of us always come back, and its not because were on our own

Perhaps you care about me, just like I care about you? Maybe you still like me, just like I of course, still like you

A year is a long time for two people to be going back and forth with such passion

And if you don't think that's the appropriate word for it, then please enlighten me, because by now, its so much more than a physical attraction

You had asked me if I would wait for you, for there to ever be an us

I guess at a point and time that made me question, if for you, that I would ever be good enough

How long is there to wait, for you and I to ever be together

After a while I realized that it didn't matter, that I will wait for you forever

Some may say its foolish, as others may say its dumb

However, its my life and my choice, as I know with a decision like this, that I haven't been the only one

I can't describe what it is and how it is, that you do the things that you to do me

At times when I'm around you, its as if I'm on this intense high, that I can hardly breathe

How many people can say that they've felt like this for someone

Surely there's no possible way, that I could be the only one

As I've tried to forget you, that seems impossible these days

To ever think, that you could truly go away

Yet what it is that you want from me?

What is it that you want us to do?

In your eyes will it ever be possible, could there ever be a me and you?

Its hard to believe that over a year has gone by

Yet I still feel the same towards you, if not stronger, do we still need the reasons why?

When my safe haven only seems to be whenever I'm in your arms

Is that what part of loving you feels like? An amazing feeling, that I've waited for, for so long

Its as if my love for you never fades away, it just continues to stay strong

I truly hope there could be something there for us, as I hope its been there all along

I know that I've told you that I'm afraid
Yet you've said that you hate it, when I push you away

Over time, I would hope to let you in
Maybe then after what seems like forever, our journey together can finally begin

Until that day comes, I will remain forever by your side

As a love, as a friend, and my promise to you, that I will never say goodbye

I want to be the person that you can go to for anything

As one day, maybe some day, I could be your everything

All I've ever wanted is someone to share my life with

To build together, grow together, that everyday kiss

To help solve your problems, be a shoulder to lean on

A hand to hold, a voice to speak to you, and ears to listen

Skin to touch, eyes to look upon, and every favor to you, as I always give in

To be there for you when you need it the most

As I just want to be with you, because of how you make me feel and what you've done to me

You've been my light in the dark, to this life without you, I could never see

I just wish you could see what I see in you

Your gorgeous brown eyes, my breath when I can't breathe

I know I've already said this a million times because it will always be true

No matter what happens between us, I will always be there, and I will always love you


© Copyright 2018 Kate - All Rights Reserved
Bluesy Socrateaser
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1 posted 2019-01-01 04:12 AM

"How long is there to wait, for you and I to ever be together

After a while, I realized that it didn't matter, that I will wait for you forever

Some may say its foolish, as others may say its dumb

However, it's my life and my choice, as I know with a decision like this, that I haven't been the only one"
You've a heart for this sort of thing V2BH, and an ability to express it.  

...just bein' Bluesy

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