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World~ January 10, 1998 8:30 PM

How could this world be cruel, yet so kind?
How could the same place that gives life, take one away just as quickly?
How could one place hold food, water, and love, and yet also contain poverty, racism, and hatred?
How could Earth thrive, yet be so ulcerous?
How could both people shining with incandescence and people thundering with hatred inhabit one place?
Is it out ability to live with diversity, or are we just so wrapped up in self survival, that we block- out the rest of the world?
How could this complex place supply the good and the bad, birth and death, poverty and wealth, hatred and love?
I guess, that is one of the wonders of the world, but on of the good or the bad?

Wind of Love~ September 1997

Cupid is not real
A figure of our imagination
The true giver of love is the wind
When the wind blows, someone gets their first kiss
When the wind blows, someone falls in love
Recently, I've felt the wind
Blowing with the sight of a fair lady
Whose hand I wish to hold as the wind blows
Have you felt the wind?
Maybe not, but it's sure to blow
Maybe on a windy day
You'll find your true love

This Pain~ October 12, 1997

My feeling of sorrow
Burns from deep within
Crying, yearning for my heart to heal
This pain,
Which no pill can heal
This pain,
That shatters the soul
This pain,
Which my body cannot hold
It travels like a virus
Growing worse with every passing second
Showing in whatever I do
I can't even hold a conversation
Without hearing and feeling this pain
Eventually it will disappear
No longer to be heard from
And a new feeling will arise
One of warmth and glow
But I'll never forget the pain
That aches me now
Even though I know it will vanish,
But I still wonder, how?

My Joy of the World~ October 14, 1997

My joy of the world
No longer appears
My joy of the world
No longer cares
There once was a robin
A beautiful robin
Who every morning flew to the pinetree
And sing a lovely tune
The robin is sure to come
Like the sun is sure to rise
One smoggy day, my robin didn't appear
No tunes filled the air
I thought to myself.
She'll return soon enough
But at the next sunrise,
There was a lonely pine tree
Never again have I seen my robin
Although, I yearn for her chirping in the early morning
If she were to ever return,
My joy of the world

My Blanket~ October 21, 1997

My blanket keeps me warm
Whenever life is drifty
My blanket is a lifesaver
A flower surrounded by weeds
When things are tough, I head straight for my blanket
It covers me up, and assures everything is ok
It brings the sunshine
On a rainy day
My blanket isn't a fabric
But if it was, and everyone had one
Life would be a warm blanket, on a cold day
My blanket

First Glimpse~ November 13, 1997 11:10 PM

From the first glimpse,
She was all I wanted
From the first glimpse,
I wanted to hold her,
To lover her,
To dance with her long into the night
All, from the first glimpse
The first thing I noticed was her incredible beauty,
Then her striking personality
From the first glimpse,
We've been friends, but nothing more
What I want, is for that to change
My initial feeling for her to be mine, has resurfaced
And she's all I think about,
Day and night
Won't she be mine?
With all my wishing and hoping,
She still won't recognize my love for her
But I'll always remember
My first glimpse

I'll Be The One~ November 20, 1997 10:37 PM

I'll be the one
To stand by your side
I'll be the one
To make you my pride
I'll be the one
To help you through
I'll be the one
To love you true
We started out as friends
I didn't want our love to end
We were secret lovers on the down low
It was our secret, no one had to know
But I wanted more, so I asked for
You to be mine, cause you're so fine
I'll be the one
To stand by your side
I'll be the one
To make you my pride
I'll be the one
To help you through
I'll be the one
To love you true
For you to be mine
I want it in the worst way
But whatever I have to do
To make you happy
I'll always love you, my love will never quit
It'll always hurt me baby, no matter who you wit
I'll be the one
To stand by your side
I'll be the one
To make you my pride
I'll be the one
To help you through
I'll be the one
To love you true
Oh, baby, why won't you take me
My love is there for you to see
You're the one and only
Without you, I'd be lonely
I'll be the one
To stand by your side
I'll be the one
To make you my pride
I'll be the one
To help you through
I'll be the one
To love you true

Take it in Stride~ May 25, 1998

Turn around, there's a hug, there's a kiss
Walk down the street, there's a cuddle, there's a wish
I take it in stride
In the hall, there's a whisper
Outside, there's a dance very slowly
These are the things I see in my everyday life
These are the things I dream about
I hate it, I love it
I don't know what to think
I'm genuinely happy for the people I see,
I just wish those people were me
Once I had it for a short time,
I had it, I lost it,
I took it in stride
Perhaps, what I see is just a prophecy
My dream come true
In a special someone
I have yet to meet
And if I do know them, obviously not well enough
But what comes to me, I'll take it in stride

Reality~ May 25, 1998

Used to hold my head up high
Now I just stare at the puddles
One a dream, I thought could come true
Just a fantasy, chances of a blue moon
Think what I want, but I've got it figured out
That one in a million, well I'm not that one
More like a million and one
Get a grip, it's not happening
I've got to face the facts of reality
Maybe I'm wrong, I hope I am
One day...we'll see

Thinking of Amanda (A moment to be remembered)~ July 1998

Fog fills the sky so I cannot see
The waves come crashing near my feet, but I cannot see them
The night chill is cold
And as I sit in the sand
I wonder what to think
Is this a happy moment filled with joy
Or a time filled with sorrow
I am confused about my feelings
So I sit, and soak in the moment
A moment to be remembered

To Amanda~ I love you so much kid!

Time will Tell~ September 1, 1998 12:00 AM

Only time will tell how things will work out
Only time will tell what I was really about
Only time will tell if what I feel is true
Only time will tell what happens with me and you
Only time will tell what was meant to be
Only time will tell if I'm for you or me
Only time will tell if I was right or wrong
Only time will tell if I waited too long
Only time will tell if it was worth the dare
Only time will tell if what happened was fair
Only time will tell, but you've got to live today
To see what the time will tell

I Don't Know~ September 4, 1998 11:33 PM

I don't know what I want
I don't know what I need
I don't know whose advice I should heed
I don't know what to say
I don't know the way
Birth, death, and everything in between
What should and should not be seen
What I want, I can't decide
Which rules I should abide
What's good, what's bad
What's happy, what's sad
I don't know

Flows~ September 18, 1998 2:20 PM

The way the water flows
Flowing free between the rocks
As the ripples skip by
And flow without a care
A breeze drifts by
Sending a chill down my back

Katie~ September 18, 1998 10:45 PM

My arms go around her
All I feel is the warmth of her skin
As we lay there, I think of us
My eyes close, and I could fall asleep
But I'd rather stay here with her
Could lay with her forever
Swept up in the storm
But rage through the night as one
Heads leaning against each other
It doesn't get any better than this
Just lying with the person I want to be with most

What Does it Matter~ * First half: September 18, 1998 2:30 PM
^ Second half: September 22, 1998 8:01 PM

What does it matter
What I'm feeling now
How it affects the future of me
All the emotions flowing inside
That hurt like it's never hurt before
I wonder if it even matters
When the next day, so many changes can come about
And what was felt yesterday
Is already forgotten
Who hates me now, may love me tomorrow
Who rejected, may accept
And who is happy, may be sad
When what you feel today
Is the most important feeling ever
Is quickly diminished by a one even greater
Climb up to love, in a series of steps
Each more important than the other
Things change quickly, and the heart has to accept
The girl I hate, may be my future wife
The kid made fun of, the next president
And nothing is to be done
Why is it worth, all the blood, sweat, and tears
^For something only lasting a day
Why can't we just skip to the future
Where the past is recorded and viewed with chuckles of laughter
Just childish fantasies
Which seem all too real today
The crystal ball sensed
A change in the future
But won't have any of it now
What I think may be the best for today
Is the best for tomorrow
That realized, the Earth keeps on spinning
The future growing every day
The feelings stronger
More emotions flowing inside
What does it matter?
Even today, not even half way there
Look back and laugh,
At the feelings once so strong
Can't believe I said that,
Can't believe that's what I thought
Matured so much, in only a short time
Many hourglasses for every point in time
Each leaking quickly
Sand rushing
Signifying change in thought
Yesterday a movie to look at and laugh

Words~ October 1, 1998 9:50 PM

To sit to ponder
To love to wander...

You take a chance
And you might get hurt
And the consequences you face
You must face head on
A few words mean a million new things
And shed light where the sun has never shone

L.O.V.E. (Liking Others Very Easily)~ October 19, 1998 10:24 PM

Like anyone, I'm happy for people in love
But when you have a new L.O.V.E. everyday, it's not real
Once or twice at such an early age is normal
When you start to overuse it, it loses it's meaning
When you throw it around, it's L.O.V.E., not love
Take a heavy word too lightly
Love means the world, love means everything
Love has to be taken more seriously
Used for the rarest of people
To me, L.O.V.E. has no meaning
Just a simile for like
To me, love means the world

Death of a Fire~ November 17, 1998 11:29 PM

The flames die down
Leaving a burnt trace on the heart
Ashes, memories of a love lost
Now, the fire is nothing more than a few little sparks
The death of something
The death of a love
The death of a boy, but the beginning of a man
Thoughts~ November 30, 1998

A relationship can be like a prison in that if you are content with shelter, food, and protection you can be fine, but yet still yearn for the freedom of the outside world, and to provide shelter, food, and protection for thyself

A Day~ December 7, 1998 10:44 AM

The yearn for someone taken
The yearn for someone's heart
A longing, a lust
A wish, a dream
A quest for satisfaction
In the eyes of the beloved
Held in your arms, for an eternity
Stones concreted together
Seen in another's arms
Their eyes on their own beloved
Yet here I am
Alone in my thoughts
Yearning, wishing, dreaming for the day
When what is there, is seen by the blind

A Tear~ December 28, 1998 11:07 PM

Losing a friend
Why did it happen this way,
to me, to us?
I love her so damn much.
We were so close and now it means nothing. We once made promises. To stay friends, best friends, forever. Even to get married. Now I'm lucky to get a quick "Hi" in the hallway. I was traded in for more time. There wasn't enough for me. No matter what, I tried to ignore it, to put it off, to think it wasn't there. But deep down, I knew the truth. And for the first time, I was scared to confront it. No writing or calling back, practically being ignored, no presents on the holidays. It all meant something, a hint that I chose to ignore. I did because I was scared. Scared to face the facts. I put off the conversation for as long as possible. When I called to finally let it out, I breathed a sigh of relief every time no one picked up the phone. Knowing, the inevitable could once more be put off until I regained my courage. I had it all planned out, the way it would go. At first, I thought that maybe i was wrong. There had to be a logical explanation. Knowing there wasn't, I was prepared for the worst. When the worst came, it hurt like it never hurt before. Right now, I am crying, the first time since last December. When my Great-grandmother died, a death. This in itself is also a death. The death of a soul, now split into two. Two inseperables, separated. The worst feeling, knowing your full hearted love is not slightly returned. Why did this happen to me, to us? Why? I pose that question, knowing the possible answers. Destiny, it wasn't meant to be. Or, that we simply outgrew each other, and will move onto better things. But who outgrew who, me or her? Who is moving on? No matter what happens, this won't be forgotten. No matter where I go, I'll think about it. Soccer and basketball, her two favorite sports. Dru Hill, her favorite singing group. "All My Life" our song. I'll be 50, and hear that song as one of the top songs of the 90's. And I'll think of a beautiful Katie DiGiovanni and a younger version of myself. I'll wonder what ever happened to Katie? Forget 36 years from now, how do I face tomorrow? The group of friends we so closely share. Will sides be taken? Will David Berry disappear off the face of the Earth, only to be remembered as Katie DiGiovanni's former best friend. A mere mortal in the hands of a goddess. What do I become now? As a person will I survive? Surely, but when will the pain heal? Maybe one day I'll laugh, just a silly 14 year old I was. But maybe I won't. Maybe this is one of those things I'll never forget. Something that whenever is mentioned will bring a tear to my eye. "Hey David, didn't you used to be best friends with Katie DiGiovanni?" "Yes,: I'll reply, and that night go home and sob into the pillow, as I have done tonight? Is this what it amounts to? A tear, a death, a gap in my life. The future must be saving me for something special. If I'm rich, and happy in my future, am I going to call her up, and laugh in her face? "Aren't you sorry now?"No, I would not. Because, hopefully, although we are no longer nearly as close as before, I hope to maintain some sense of friendship. I'll take what I can get, anything. Last aisle, last row, last seat is a lot better than on the couch, five feet from the T.V. Let this be a reminder to myself. Should I ever get a tattoo, this poem is what I want. All over my chest, my heart, my soul. And I'll never forget. My ring, do I continue to wear it? Yes, but it now has a new meaning. It was signified the bond between two people. Now it serves as my reminder to the past. When two people talked for hours, wrote long notes, and shared the secrets of the world. While growing as one, together. Learning, sharing experiences, living life to the fullest. Chief, I used to call her. We had dumb jokes like that. Jokes about oatmeal, yawning, and Sisqo, that no one but us knows. To bring to closure I can't, because I am alive and well. Perhaps in the afterlife I can reflect. But tomorrow is another day where things may still change. I can cry for yesterday, but rejoice for tomorrow.

Second Chance~ June 23, 1999 12:07 AM

It was only a few short months ago
But it feels like it's been years
I made a mistake, that I wish I could take back
Because now I see what I missed
And it's what I so desire
So now, I'm sitting here
Writing, dialing, asking you for a second chance
When we begin to talk it's evident to me that your mind and heart are not in the right place
For your heart belongs to another
How can I convince you of my true feelings
Please, give me a second chance
So I can prove your thoughts of me wrong

Abandoned~ June 30, 1999

I feel like I'm lost in space
Come to school, I'm out of place
Like I'm caught between two levels
To be good, or with the rebels
Am I still your friend?
Or did I already reach the end?
It's getting hard to tell
I'm back up, but once again I fell
Things are startin to get blurry
I feel like I'm on trial, and my friends are the jury
Am I innocent or guilty
You look at me like I'm filthy
Are you with me?
Or the opponent?
I don't know, so I lone it
I'm feeling all alone
No one's calling on the phone
When it private you say we're the bestest of friends
But once we're in public, that's where it ends
Do you know how much that hurts
It feels the worst
I'm sittin here, pouring out my feelings
You've given so much pain that still needs healing
I wish I was cryin
When I'm like this, you say I'm just whinin
Or you just ignore
It was never like this before
How come we're not friends anymore?
Losing you has always been my fear
You still claim you love me, but when there's others around I just seem to disappear
Nothings happened, we didn't even fight
Then how come things between us don't seem right?
Act to me the way you say it is when you write
You know how actions speak
But for me will you ever seek?
Or just pass right by
You know you're the only one who can make me cry
So why do you do the things you do?
You wouldn't like it if I did it to you
I listen to injustices done onto you, but have you ever been on the other side of the fence?
Am I starting to make sense
Often it's a cycle of doing wrong and to apologize
Why can't we compromise
I know ever relationship has it's lows and highs
But it seems more of the latter for us
Or am I making too big a fuss?
At the end of this will I call you mu hun?
I'm in it for the long run
It seems even when I work that much harder
It doesn't seem to bring us any farther
We had so much history
But I can read your thoughts and they say, "Dave, you mean shit to me"

Tugboats~ July 21, 1999 7:34 PM

Sitting by the bay,
Watching the ripples surround the tiny boats, just like little tugboats in a giant bathtub
I sit alone, analyzing my thoughts, the thoughts that vary from year to year
Last years thoughts washed away like the tide sucking in the shells, and just as quickly spewing them back out
How much has changed, but so much has stayed the same
Like the tiny boats venturing out to sea to retreat back to the docks,
My thoughts are always leaving, only to return again
The clouds turn grey, as the scene begins to darken
Now is the time to leave, but only to return when the storm is over.

© Copyright 1999 Aprender - All Rights Reserved
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