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0 posted 1999-07-30 04:59 PM

As I walk upon the street this rainy dreadful night
My heart is filled with anger, my soul full of fright
As tonight I can not feel a single drop of rain
For tonight I can not feel anything but pain

You played with my emotions, you left me here
And now from my eye emerges a solititary tear
How could you leave me alone in this place
With not a trace of emotion upon your face

I want to run after you, but I know I can not
I know this is the end, enough we have fought
The worst part is you never told me why
You were mad and alone wanted to fly

You always got mad at and put me down
You always made me cry and made me frown
You left me here by myself, and now all I do is cry
You crushed my soul and now I am ready to die

But I won’t do that, I am too strong
You can go back to where you belong
I am way too good for you anyway
I should have known that from the very first day.

You treated me bad and now you want me back
You said your sorry, I should cut you some slack
But there is know chance I can love you again
After you left me for myself to fend.

You said you cared, that was obviously a lie
And now the only thing I will say to you is goodbye.
Have a nice life and be sure to take care
But don’t come back to me again, don’t you dare.

© Copyright 1999 Susan Acacio - All Rights Reserved
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1 posted 1999-07-30 10:10 PM

wow such a phenominal poem. I mean i actually feel your pain like i said phenominal.
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2 posted 1999-07-30 11:19 PM

I know how you feel, I really like this poem.
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