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God’s Will

I told you it wasn’t God’s will
For us to remain still.
But I didn’t give you the truth
Of why I didn’t want to be with you
You said that I was yours
And that I could trust you like never before
But those words are words of a player
Who was just out to score!
You play with girls minds
Till their warped like yours
You believe it’s ok
To hold a girl and tell her she’ll always be yours
But she’ll learn when another blonde walks by
And ketches your eye
You may think you loved me as you could
But you just said you loved me because it felt so good
You have a past that just couldn’t be erased
And my memory just could fade it away.
I don’t know why I said yes
I guess, hoping you would confess
You played me far
Thinking I wouldn’t ketch your qualities that make you who you are
I believed that you had changed
But, knowing that I wouldn’t be able to stay the same.
I wanted to do what was so right
But being with you was so wrong.
I hurt my friends and I had hurt my family
But most of all I hurt my god.
I tried trusting you
Like everyone said to do
But my heart said not to.
I was smart and I didn’t let it get far
I made sure I kept my heart away so it wouldn’t be turn apart
You flirted with girls when in my sight
And didn’t even care to make it right
You would say sorry
As your apology
But I didn’t except it
Knowing that your words were just words of a player.
You thought I was an experienced shy girl
That never looked into anyone eyes
But you don’t know the meaning of love
Till you’ve lived my life.
God told me this wasn’t right
And I just wanted to live by what felt right.
I couldn’t deal with hurting him
Knowing our love wasn’t for real.
It hurt me to know that I had to brake up with you
But I couldn’t deal with all the girls that wanted you
You flirted even though I was by your side
Thinking I didn’t see your eye move to the side,
To watch that other blonde walk by.
God knew what my heart desired
And being with you wouldn’t light the fire
I’m sorry if I hurt you
But it was the only thing I could do
Because I wasn’t able to love you.
Ashleigh Davis

© Copyright 1999 writer151 - All Rights Reserved
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navwin » Archives » Teen Poetry #1 » God's Will

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