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0 posted 1999-07-18 06:43 PM

Where is this place I'm at?
In my yard I sat,

hearing things I don't want to hear,
I can feel something bad is near.

I get up and walk inside,
a scream and slam I hear outside,

I run outside right near the road,
I hear a gun shot explode.

There was a guy laying near,
I see a gun by his ear.

I turn him over to see,
that it was my best friend Lee!

I laid there and wept,
right near him is where I slept,

the next morning I realize,
That I lost a dear friend.

Dedicated to my dearest friend: Lee perce may he rest in peace! Writen by your friend: Becky Porter

© Copyright 1999 HoTcHiK942 - All Rights Reserved
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1 posted 2003-07-03 10:15 AM

I like your poem.I lost a dear friend in May she was hit by a train. and i feel like she is still here but then i realize that she is gone. No matter what i go thru every day i know that she is looking down on me and smiling. i think your friend is doing the same. just always remember that they are looking down taking care of you.

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2 posted 2003-09-26 09:48 PM

That was an amazing poem. It brought a tear to my eye. Very beautiful. Keep it up
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3 posted 2003-11-24 10:50 PM

I'm sorry for your loss.. It sounds like a really hard time and this poem really makes u feel this pain
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4 posted 2007-11-13 07:54 PM



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