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this is really long...mind me, i ramble on too much...yet this is my favorite so if you could kindly respond..i shall be greatly thankful !!!

"Why my angel?"
She looks past his eyes
She looks deep into his soul
only to find.....
nothing but lies inside
A world full of self-existance
And nothing more
How come they never see her?
She climbs the highest mountain
and walks to the steepest cliff
Only to step up to that ledge....
Staring down
At the world below
Is there any reason to live till night?
Is there any reason to live at all?
For all she sees now,
Is the clouds
surrounding her
encasing her
Inside his walls
They stare at her
Yet not realizing her pain
They poke and point
Leaving her,
in deeper despair
but she thinks to me
A fairy tale
That remains fresh,
Inside her lonely mind,
She thinks to me......
If I were to fall,
A million miles,
Below the ground,
Would you be able to see me?
And is I were to float,
A million miles,
Above the dirt,
Would you be able to see me?
And if I were to disappear,
Right before your very eyes,
Would you be able to see me?
And I look at her in disbelief
Not understanding
what she speaks of,
when she's full of her self-misery
She cries for dayz
Locked in that room of hers
And only if she were able to see
what she really means to me
But at times,
She's not even there
She tends to let them
Take over her
Take control over
herself in every way
I ask her why
She tells me
Of her loving will
To die.......
for it's all too much for her to ask
All she ever wanted,
Was for him
to give her one
One more chance
All the misery
that takes over her
it's too strong
for anyone to help her now,
it's a pointless dream
She steps closer and closer,
to the ledge
Every day,
I see another tear fall from her eyes
She told me one night,
Before it had all started,
That all she loathed
Was to be free
But they never saw it
They never understood
And the night
That she took flight
off that ledge
I watched her
But I couldn't stop her
She was so determined
To see him
He had vowed her,
And his promises came through
i couldn't stand the pain
It all built up inside
Steaming rage
How could I let her go?
Let it all go?
And leave it all behind?
As if it never even existed
But it has,
and it still does......
The angel spreads her wingz
Only to seek her one most wishful desire
And she takes one last
Look around
at the pitiful world
That layz around her
her perfect existance
And the blood
That keeps falling
From her wingz now red
The ground around her feet
Now crimson to the darkest
her eyes
Now tear-stained, to the reddest
She stumbles
and then she fallz
To her death
Crashing and drowning
In an ocean full of her own blood
She dies
(lightly they scream
in the distance
so cold)
Now they see
What she saw
her eyes a different tone
She only needed to be left alone
But it's too late
For that tonite
For that any nite
Now, they suffer
One-third of her suffering
each nite
How could they not see it?
I lay down
And now,
I cry
For the one
The only one
That I loved
so dear
has taken her own life
And I,
her one and only
Did nothing
To stop her
But angels do
What they please to do
Only that, that's not quite so true
An angel blue
can fall lower
than man can see
and float higher
than man can see
and live life
And still man can't see
For she's fallen
And now, she's gone.
His perfect angel
She saw no other way
And couldn't wait another day
She knew
that he didn't love her
All she ever wanted
Was such a simple thing
All she ever asked for,
Was such a simple thing
Yet she never received from them
Just another beating
Another slap
Another look of disgrace
Made her take the fall
Yeah baby, now she lies dead.
Another mistaken blow to the head
And the hollowed-out lies
Now come forth
Revealing her innocence
to the many others
Who passed her love on by
After she died
No one even bothered to cry
It's not as if they care
It's not as if they see her
But she whispers from above
Transcending thoughts
as beautiful as a dove
Full of enchantment and love
Only to those who really see
What she wanted them to see
it changed my life
As I watched a dove fly toward the ocean
With one red-tipped wing
But what i noticed
Most importantly
is that....
It soared freely

~r.t.~ a.k.a. ~Angel~

© Copyright 1999 r.t. - All Rights Reserved
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In the space between moments
1 posted 1999-07-07 10:07 PM

wow...incredible. It was quite worth the long read. Wonderful piece of work, r.t. You truly have talent.

*Krista Knutson*

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