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Rohill, NJ, USA

0 posted 1999-07-06 11:24 AM

First off...what the hellis up with this board? People post about a million poems, and never respond!!!!! C'mon now folks..we all like reading responses to or own give some1 else that feeling....ok here's my latest...


I feel like I'm lost in space
Come to school, I'm out of place
Like I'm caught between two levels
To be good, or with the rebels
Am I still your friend?
Or did I already reach the end?
It's getting hard to tell
I'm back up, but once again I fell
Things are startin to get blurry
I feel like I'm on trial, and my friends are the jury
Am I innocent or guitly
You look at me like I'm filthy
Are you with me?
Or the opponent?
I don't know, so I lone it
I'm feeling all alone
No one's calling on the phone
When it private you say we're the bestest of friends
But once we're in public, that's where it ends
Do you know how much that hurts
It feels the worst
I'm sittin here, pouring out my feelings
You've given so much pain that still needs healing
I wish I was cryin
When I'm like this, you say I'm just whinin
Or you just ignore
It was never like this before
How come we're not friends anymore?
Losing you has always been my fear
You still claim you love me, but when there's others around I just seem to disappear
Nothings happened, we didn't even fight
Then how come things between us don't seem right?
Act to me the way you say it is when you write
You know how actions speak
But for me will you ever seek?
Or just pass right by
You know you're the only one who can amke me cry
So why do you do the things you do?
You wouldn't like it if I did it to you
I listen to injustices done onto you, but have you ever been on the toher side of the fence?
Am I starting to make sense
Often it's a cycle of doing wrong and to apologize
Why can't we compromise
I know ever realtionship has it's lows and highs
But it seems more of the latter for us
Or am I making too big a fuss?
At the end of this will I call you mu hun?
I'm in it for the long run
It seems even when I work that much harder
It doesn't seem to bring us any farther
We had so much history
But I can read your thoguhts and they say, "Dave, you mean shit to me"

© Copyright 1999 Aprender - All Rights Reserved
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1 posted 1999-07-06 11:29 AM

Wow, that was a really great poem. It told a good story that I can definitely relate to.
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2 posted 1999-07-06 01:02 PM

that was incredible....i liked it alot....i've been through the same situation before..
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3 posted 1999-07-06 03:37 PM

Good poem. I can relate with that sort of thing. too often someone will be a friend in private and not in public. A shame to say the least. Also agree that more should repond to poems posted.

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In the space between moments
4 posted 1999-07-07 01:27 AM

Wonderful job, I enjoyed it a lot. And thanks for bringing up the responding to poetry point yet again. Come on people, lets help out our fellow poets here! You get what you give....

*Krista Knutson*

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falmoth,mass usa
5 posted 1999-07-07 09:04 AM

i did not like your poem

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Rohill, NJ, USA
6 posted 1999-07-07 11:00 AM

may i ask why you didn't like it?
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falmoth,mass usa
7 posted 1999-07-07 04:52 PM

sorry i actually did not read it till now.

are you amy becouse you always say come on now

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since 1999-06-22
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Rohill, NJ, USA
8 posted 1999-07-07 10:22 PM

Amy?? who is that? and when did i say come on now>?
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