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0 posted 1999-06-30 07:39 PM

The love from me,
Come oh so naturally.
Though from others, it seems to wait.
If he really liked the bait,
Then where has he gone?
His eyes, I cannot see.

I lie awake at night,
Not a star in sight.
I give all my love out to you.
Yet now, I am still as blue,
As I was the day I first saw you.
You, my blond haired height.

With his love, I would be complete,
Yet with his life, I cannot compete.
I would love to hold you in my arms,
But the eyes, my only calms.
I can view you from a far,
From that cold wintry seat.

But who really knows how much I can bear?
Who is to say that this is all fair?
All that I know,
Is that I love you so.
Now I know that I should go-
I can see they don’t really care.

If I could sell my soul,
My head, would not feel like a hole.
Upon which you and only you,
Could mend my few.
My love is as strong,
AS black is as coal.

AS the waves come pondering in,
It’s as if I’m living in sin.
My only comfort,
The love my heart has sought.
Who could have thought,
That he could be like kin.

If only you could see
How much you mean to me.
Because without you,
I have lost my cue,
In this play called life.
Is it meant to be?

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1 posted 1999-07-01 12:07 PM

beautiful work! very pretty. keep it up


~songs are only poems with music~

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