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0 posted 1999-06-25 08:28 PM

The feelings I once had for you
were so strong
You liked another girl
made my stomach hurl
forgot about you
denied the truth
that I still liked you

Fell in a trans with someone else
Thought it was the best
but it wasn't
I wanted him to be like you
Wishing and Wishing
It didn't quite happen

I told him I liked him
Which was a total sin

I'm utterly confused
Don't wanna be amused
Why does it gotta be this way?

Hide my feelings
Not wanting anymore

Ya see, I realized
Looking in hie eyez
was look thru nice eyez

But looking at your eyez,
Heaven was calling out
My heart stopped
Knees weak, my breath tooken away
Butterflies in my stomach

I like you more
but I can not tell
Can't let anything happen
so that's why,
It's my little secret

*OoOoAudrey AuoOoO*
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1 posted 1999-06-30 05:59 PM

I felt the exact same way last year, I've never heard a poem that came so close to my own feelings! Basically I really liked this guy alot, but he liked my best friend. I couldn't tell him I liked him right? I mean, here I was listening to him tell me how much he loved "her". It hurt to hear the truth, so I avoided him and pretended to hate him. It was a stupid thing to do. It sucks when you fall in love with someone who's already in love.


"They sing the stories of the present, of people trapped in a shadow world" ~Charlotte Seley~

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In the space between moments
2 posted 1999-07-01 12:19 PM

Man, this really hit close to home for me. I have been there and it is extremely difficult. Wonderful job on making the feeling come alive. (although its not one we want to have). Keep up the good work!

*Krista Knutson*

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