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Tinfang Gelion
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since 1999-09-23
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0 posted 1999-09-26 09:44 PM

Written two years ago..

"That Feeling at Splashtown"

On the highest ride the hydra knew,
Was one of its three tentacles, although not eight,
Called Screamicles, I was up there
My friends were down the stairs to my left,…
There were two men and a girl in front
Getting ready for the swoop of summer…
My face was sunburnt like a desert-wanderer,
My hair was golden like the sun's wheat-
On my lips were blue,
From the raspberry slush I had for lunch.
That girl in front of me had me confounded
With the mystery of my dreams.
It could be a boy or girl in my dream,
With the African/Australian mask of expression…
Though, she was much like me,
With the same lightness of skin and eyes,
O', why do I shake at my imagination
When it all goes real like a passing cloud?
She, I knew not, had a happy, modest face.
Why, that's an understanding face!
I'm so ashamed of me, for when she looked
At me, and smiled, I looked at my friends then
At her. She looked at them…
Jarod was a dramatic being like most,
then she sighed & looked away.
Same feeling I have of my friends…
Oh, then one of the men went down the slide
He was funny as a sight going down,
His belly was the last thing seen at once,
She laughed at the same time I did…
She pointed at him to the other man,
and explained…
Like I always have to explain when people
Don't understand why I laugh.
I then looked at the blue skies,
Realized my fading sense of reality…
For the clouds were sensibly unforgettable.
I can tell just by looking at people's eyes,
The feeling their heart might have.
Oh, I am only an illusion of illusions…
I feel things from the reality of imagination!
That's why I love me, who I am.

© Copyright 1999 Tinfang Gelion - All Rights Reserved
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1 posted 1999-10-02 12:13 PM

Where are all the teens? Why didn't you guys reply to this one? Anyways, Tinfang, wonderful poem. Made me think of some of my summer memories and a lot more...


"Dwelt a maid belov'd and cherish'd by high and low,
But with autumn leaf she perish'd, long time ago..."

"Something sweet, something sort of grandish, sweeps my soul when thou art near..."

Artic Wind
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Realm of Supernatural
2 posted 2007-11-13 07:46 PM



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