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Open Poetry #33
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0 posted 2004-09-24 08:57 AM

graduate, employed
employed, gainfully employed
gainfully employed, personal time
personal time, hobbies

Our life pieces
must be jagged
at mismatched edges
No matter how hard we try,
we can never assemble
them to reach fruition

Maybe each of us
walks around with
a congenital heart defect,
a gnawing hole that
never gets repaired
Maybe happiness is intertwined
with simplicity
we are denied its privilege
once we become complex creatures

answers, confusion
acceptance, frustration
solace, weary resignation

© Copyright 2004 heng kaile - All Rights Reserved
Seymour Tabin
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Tamarac Fla
1 posted 2004-09-24 09:25 AM

Nice to see you, just keep smilimg.

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2 posted 2004-09-24 10:06 AM

Life is life
It is a whole
But the sum of the parts
Can make you feel
As light as air

I dont know about jagged or mismatched
That isn't life
Just reaction
Of a closet environment
Finding brains
When you assumed
You were the brain
To produce the drive
To earn the money
To have the courage
To understand
And the guts
To see it through
As you face bias
For your colour, age, sex, education
To deprive you of your ability
For someone
You lacks sense


I wont lie down and give in

Something I wrote once

In darkest thought
In deepest night
Keep your faith
Dont give up the fight
Believe in yourself
There is nothing else
Fight the fight
If you know it's right
When humiliation is your drink
And you can't fight back
No matter what you think
Walk away
Come back some day
And make them understand
You are alive
You have the right
No matter what
Don't give up the fight


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3 posted 2004-09-24 11:30 AM

thanks Seymour for your comment

Dave, thank you for your reaction to my musing! that was very flattering though just to allay any concerns, this musing doesn't reflect on my personal mind frame. i noticed that a lot of my friends are dissatisfied with their lives for a variety of reasons and thought i should note that down. kinda a social commentary. hee

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4 posted 2004-09-24 08:57 PM


I often say to people dont think I am experiencing something because I write about it.

I freely admit to falling under the image you created and reacted accordingly.



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5 posted 2004-09-24 09:52 PM

Kaile, this is such a wonderful expression of your keen insight into the mind's of others.

(BTW, ever use a 'fisheye' lens?)

Larry C
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United States
6 posted 2004-09-25 06:37 AM

Odd how empty life seems when we make ourselves the focus. And interesting how the issues disipate as we seek to meet the needs of others. This is, indeed, an insightful write. Peace...

If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane, I'd walk right up to heaven and bring you home again.

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walking the surreal
7 posted 2004-09-25 06:46 AM

To be self referring is the way to being satisfied - to identify not with the trappings of the world and other's opinions, but to rely upon self and the growth of being.  Wish not, want not - wise old saying.


Happiness isn't something that happens to you, it's created from within you.  Joy is a state of mind.

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8 posted 2004-09-25 06:51 AM

Bravo! I love this one too.

Remember, if you're not part of the future, you're history!

passing shadows
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9 posted 2004-09-25 09:44 AM

good write!
Mon Cherie
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Land of Never-ending Summers
10 posted 2004-09-25 10:02 AM

It is a very interesting approach you've used here.

Ya true... Even though there are many things in life for which we must count our blessings, we still seem to be unhappy... or rather, unsatisfied. What makes us satisfied? A happy home, a rich bank account, a well-paid job, 4 wheels?? It's really subjective...


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