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Heading to China

0 posted 2006-05-15 06:49 PM

I am not back for good, just my soul is in a lot of pain after the past few days, I just need to vent through poetry.

Broken Swing set

For An Xin Qian or Hope. I hope I am wrong and there is a heaven so that you can finally get a chance to have a decent life.

On the darkest of days you smiled, so brilliantly
No mother and father to sing you a sweet lullaby
Your angelic face was picture perfect
Even with the damage done from the monster in the closet
Deep inside you knew that you were getting weaker.
Yet you tried your hardest to be strong.
Making me smile even on your darkest days
We played every day that you could
We would run bare foot through the park
Though the grass to you at times was like walking on razor blades
Even in joy you were in pain
Evidence to your suffering
Born with death knocking at your door
Due to poor choices made by others
As I sit here by you¡¯re side holding your hand
My understanding of life has forever been altered
I wonder how can it be that dreams can perish before they are even conceived?
I look at your face, it is not the same one I remember seeing the day I arrived
That leech inside has drained your strength
The only thing I can muster in my mind is,
How many people will mourn your death?
How many will know that for a brief while you existed?
I pray that you will get better even though I do not believe in a God.
The injustice of the matter is swallowing me whole
I looked up from my pad and saw that beautiful smile of yours
You lay there looking at me as if I was an angel
That I would be able to shelter you from the boogeyman
I wish I was an angel and maybe I would have seen him coming
Maybe I could have stopped him.
Sadly I am just a mortal
I stood there with your hand in mine
As the reaper paid his visit
He took you from this world, before I could say a word
Leaving me with the haunting memory of that flat green line.
The doctors rushed to stop what had already occurred
Pushing me aside into the dark
A tear fell from my eye
Inside that tear your death was written
But in my heart your name shall always be

Tomorrow comes for those who fear it.
Today never ends for those who live it.

© Copyright 2006 Poe Wilson - All Rights Reserved
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1 posted 2006-05-15 06:57 PM

Oh damn. I am so happy to see your name here,
but not...under these circumstances.
Poe, you've given this child a wonderful gift...your heart, forever in remembering.

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2 posted 2006-05-15 07:08 PM

Deep deep love and sadness and understanding here.I do not know you, but from this one story/poem I see the love and hurt and anguish within your heart. Bless you dear young woman. martyjo
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3 posted 2006-05-15 09:54 PM

The only bright part of losing one that we
love are the good memories that we have.
That and hopefully some lesson learned from
them before they leave us behind.

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