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Open Poetry #37
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A spider’s web is all around
We see its web along the ground
It’s shining here and I know why
Its sunshine rising from the sky

The spider what a thing
How he does it, no one sees

And wile I’m here, I’m looking in
You and me, that’s what I’m wishing,
To see the world, with perfect vision
To see you here you’re hand in mine
We look to see the faultless sky

To hold you threw the day
My love, I could never say
How much I feel for you, I pray
You’ll watch the sun rise from the sky
Until the clouds begin to cry

A spiders web, is weaved so well
The weave of love for you I sew
Over time this weave will grow
But perfect weaves take time to show  

When I show I love you
You’ll know I love you  
I know I love you
You know sweet one, sweet one
You have the sweetest smile
Oh, sweet one, sweet one
I love you; I love you

Before I felt for you, I hadn’t felt emotion
Pain and sadness love, elation, these have proven false before
You are the creator of my making, and the one I still adore  

You are the sunrise of my feeling
Forget the sunset I held dear
You are the sundown of my looking
But foundation to my years
The sunrise slays away the gloom
Without surprise I say to you
Born for love and full of vision
For you to me there’s no decision

You are the sunrise for my every day  
And sunset to my future gloom
To see you is a blessing
Feeling love and hearing you
If loving you is just a dream
Then I pray I never wake
This would snatch my love away
Then my heart would ever break

And inspirations what you are to me
The inspiration makes sing

I love you so much I can’t let you go
Love you baby, and I think you know
You see me just a every day
I tell you so to hear you say  
I love you!
Don’t you see it in my eyes?
Can’t you read it on my face?
Babe I love you
And I hope you love me to

Will you love me true
Are you my only one?
Are you my something when all else is gone?  
Oh I love you
To tell you so could do no wrong
I won’t do you wrong when I say
I, love, you

© Copyright 2006 Matthew Patrick Holbert - All Rights Reserved
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1 posted 2006-05-10 05:22 PM

she should be smiling now
who wouldn't, at this write?

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