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Open Poetry #37
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0 posted 2006-05-07 05:30 PM

Home is but the dream, which ye be?
The wanderer in me art thou a passing memory!
Withering th’ lullaby hills sung-
unto the moonshadow harp beyond
casting shadows of the past into a moments joy,
Though thoughts hath sank beneath th’ tears surface-
to look beneath thy breast shall find breathe nor beat
thyself shall be more than a memory!

Is this the place thou did stand?
To long for heaven before death staring up at stars
’tis haunting to watch thee but not notice me-
’twas the moonshadow harp
O! How thou once were but in thought,
No face dost come so clear as the day hath-
in thought ‘tis nothing but a loss of form
but my heart hast felt the warmth!

To hold a love without a form,
who shall care ‘tis th’ heart that fell
unto the moonshadow harp beyond-
hast brought me visions of thou without a dream
’twas in woken thought I saw thee real,
But harps do break and love doth die-
th’ memories hath spoken to the final rest
too long hath I looked for heaven before death,
We’ve both stared at stars all the same
’tis haunting to be alone once more again.

© Copyright 2006 Lee Hepworth - All Rights Reserved
Liz Sinclair
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1 posted 2006-05-07 11:20 PM

Beautiful, old world charm.  Intriguing from beginning to end.  Thanks for sharing.

~Liz...Carpe Diem

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In your dreams
2 posted 2006-05-08 01:28 AM

I loved this.

of course as always,


*    Juju     *

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Laval Quebec Ca
3 posted 2006-05-08 03:46 AM

A style that never fades.
Great Read.

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