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In a state of limbo

0 posted 2006-04-22 07:31 PM

Josh was a young boy; he loved to play with guns,
He dreamed of being a soldier, with war he was in love,
Josh read about the past, it left him quite aghast,
For war was his forte and his love for it was bound to last.

In high school Josh was an outcast, for his friends were books,
He lacked the social skills to earn friends, he wasn’t helped by his looks,
But one day Josh met a friend, who shared his love for war,
So when they came of age, Josh and his friend decided to join the force.  

They signed up immediately after graduation, quite eager they were to learn,
The art of killing other men, the killing fields they yearned,
Basic training was quite hard, exercise, shooting, and discipline,
But the task of training, they learned and soon they took it all in.  

They shipped off for the frontline in the crusade to defend the homeland,
To their country they were loyal, for to it they made no demands,
Their patriotism guided them, to the fields of war they lusted after,
Their rifle was their friend, destruction of the enemy the end,
Soon their eyes were filled with hate, anger became their master.

They were transformed from naïve men, to instruments of death,
They lost track of the bullets they shot, the friends they lost, the tears they shed,
Josh and his friend forgot why they came,
To a country so full of dread, with time they became ashamed,
The sights they saw, the death they sowed, the depthless maw, the lives they closed, the hate which brought them to their knees, the children had finally grown.  
They knew now that they made a mistake, war was not so glamorous,
Yet they were impossible to replace, the country required their presence.  

One day Josh and his friend were on patrol,
Their sergeant said it was time, “lets rock and roll”.
They geared up, shut up, mounted into their humvees,
The iron horses rode across the country side in search of the enemy,
When suddenly there was to be heard the blast of an IED,
Josh came out unscathed, but when he reached out for his friend,
He found only the remains of a human hand.
He cursed the gods, he cursed the president,
He cursed the ones who had set such a violent precedent,
His beloved war stole his only friend.

Josh survived the war, an empty shell of a man,
Disillusioned with his war, his ideals, his homeland.
Today Josh lives off the meager pension afforded to the veterans,
And every day he lives Josh cannot remove the memory of his friend.  

It is a generation of political tools, when men are reduced to their basest use,
Nothing really changes, it happened to all soldiers of the past, it could happen to you.
Josh is surely blessed, for he volunteered his life to his country,
But deep inside Josh was selfish, for glory he fought, not for you and me.  

© Copyright 2006 UseTheIllusion - All Rights Reserved
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1 posted 2006-04-23 01:12 AM

A very powerful story and one I am sure quite a few soldiers could also tell.  I think we are all a little fed up with the horrors of war.
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2 posted 2006-04-23 08:54 AM

I wish my nephew was old enough to understand this poem.  He is caught right up in war on the playstations and in the movies and he is not yet 13.  Our kids today see war glorified and if only they could see the truth behind it and the guilt that eventually comes with being a soldier,  maybe he'd have a chance to change and all the other kids would too.  A very powerful poem and one I would recommend to anybody considering going to war or who has a glorified viewpoint on it.

Sheri Adams

Jesus lives in my heart!  He can in yours too!!!
Sheri Liegh Adams

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3 posted 2006-04-23 11:34 AM

UseTheIllIusion, I have so much anger concerning these war's that I can't discuss it in civil terms! As your poem say's the human cost is not paid in a death alone but also in lives like Josh's and all those who love him or ever will. I applaud your effort to bring light on the false glamor of war and the horrible misuse of our impressionable youth.
since 2006-02-06
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In a state of limbo
4 posted 2006-04-23 08:43 PM

Thank you all very much.  
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5 posted 2006-04-25 08:48 AM

Yet another death af war.
Sadly this will never end. People will never learn to love their neighbour more than the love them selves.

-In a world of thoughts-

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