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since 2001-10-12
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0 posted 2006-04-15 11:17 AM

I thought I’d forget all my troubles;
hiking the high hills today –
but my thoughts betrayed me again –
turning my hopes to bitterness
until a soft voice interrupts
my internal monologue:

“Make your life a celebration,
not cause for regret.
Set a goal, a purpose, a direction
then enter every situation
with eyes wide open.
See your endless blessings;
the knowledge life has granted you:
put these to better use.

They will show you the beauty
of a cascading mountain stream
with a backdrop of jagged peaks
above scraggly pines at the tree line
just below the sun’s slanting rays.

They will give you a sprinkling of fresh snow;
the feel of a shiver as a late autumn breeze
finds an opening in your collar.

Is this not the dawning of a new day
filled with endless possibilities?
Why should you allow yesterday's thoughts
to mar today's joy?
If you came here to find happiness
just for one day, that is all you will get
but if you discover self-empowerment
such happiness you will find
absolutely everywhere.”

© Copyright 2006 Sharran WindWalker - All Rights Reserved
Earth Angel
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Realms of Light
1 posted 2006-04-15 11:22 AM

Yes, the possibilities are endless! I try not to let yesterdays' sorrows impinge on my todays or my morrows!

I thoroughly enjoyed this engaging, inspirational write from you, WW!

Love & Light,
Flowers & Butterfly

Member Rara Avis
since 2002-02-22
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Michigan, USA
2 posted 2006-04-15 04:05 PM

How inspiring your thoughts put to pen here.
Floated endlessly in these supple verses.
The best of life, the best of endless summer...crisp autumn and Christmas found their way to be one joy.
Hugs and Happiness

passing shadows
Member Empyrean
since 1999-08-26
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3 posted 2006-04-15 06:07 PM

indeed! Love this positive outlook!
Member Rara Avis
since 2005-11-07
Posts 9347
Durban, South Africa
4 posted 2006-04-16 08:17 AM

Yes, yes, yes, YESSSSSS!  Loved it!  I hope many people read this poem and take its advice.

- Owl

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Between the Lines
5 posted 2006-04-16 09:08 AM

thought this was great ..plan to print it out to remind me


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