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Open Poetry #37
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Gentle Spirit
Member Patricius
since 2000-10-09
Posts 13989

0 posted 2006-03-14 11:23 AM

Is this   punishment
for some last life
and those deeds then done,
was I ever possibly someone
so unsharing, so unkind
as to deserve this present

was I blind

to compassion,
to others pain
was that me
constantly trying to gain
through the misery and misfortune
of others?

Did I not care
for my sisters, and brothers?

Atonement, I would gladly make
for these atrocities
while praying to the heavens
Please, do not let that person
be me

here in this moment,
here in the now
let my footsteps
fall, somehow
upon another road;
a different trail

Don't let me falter...
Don't let me fail    myself
or humanity

if there's a next time around
let me live assiduously
spirited with affettuoso.

{affettuoso: tenderly, affecting with sentiment,
a direction.}

{When I get where I'm going
there will be only happy tears
I will shed the sins and struggles
that I have carried all these years,
when I get where I'm going
I will leave my heart wide open
and I will love and have no fear...
when I get where I'm going...
don't cry for me down here...B.Paisley}

© Copyright 2006 dmsmith - All Rights Reserved
Member Patricius
since 2003-06-19
Posts 13296

1 posted 2006-03-14 12:05 PM

no, no, no, absolutely not!!!  More so, we are who we are from the experiences...they mold us and remind us, to be gracious servents to life, to others, to leave this place better then when we arrived...better for the moments...the tests, be as they may, show no mercy, only how fortunate we are, adn how much we've yet to grow, to love, to value...the blessings, to realize the human soul and just how powerful it is...

No Linda...never give in to weaknesses and compromise who you are....ok, your allowed a few weak moments, but then, strick the chords of life's piano, and play a song of great you always and forever do...

Hugs to you

Senior Member
since 2005-09-21
Posts 945
L. A. (Lower Alabama)
2 posted 2006-03-14 12:34 PM

I just replyed to Leej's poem in agreement with what you said. Now I must do the same with yours Gentle Spirit. Leej is right on and might I say the hand you extended to me will never be forgotten. :-)  
Senior Member
since 2001-10-12
Posts 1218

3 posted 2006-03-14 12:42 PM

I agree with what LeeJ had to say too. This poem made me ponder moments in my own life.

Member Rara Avis
since 2005-11-07
Posts 9347
Durban, South Africa
4 posted 2006-03-14 02:32 PM

No, Gentle Spirit.  You are exactly that - a gentle, compassionate, kind, wonderful spirit.  God doesn't give us more than we can handle and the suffering makes us more compassionate and understanding.  The reward is the wonderful person you are - for you and all who come into contact with you.  Christ had to suffer the most terrible amount of unfairness too and so He understands how it feels.  That is something that I hang on to when things seem to be trying to get me down.  We all love, respect, admire and need you for the great person you are.

- Owl

Member Empyrean
since 1999-09-21
Posts 28049
5 posted 2006-03-14 02:37 PM

Donna....those above say true!  
Gentle Spirit
Member Patricius
since 2000-10-09
Posts 13989

6 posted 2006-03-14 09:59 PM

Hugs to all, and peace....

you make me smile, thank you.

Member Patricius
since 2003-12-05
Posts 13434
7 posted 2006-03-21 03:02 AM

Donna, gentle spirit, you are that and it shows in this soul-searching write.  My heart goes out to you......*hugs*
Paul Wilson
Deputy Moderator 1 TourDeputy Moderator 1 Tour
Member Elite
since 2002-07-07
Posts 4711
United States
8 posted 2006-03-21 07:03 AM

Donna...I find myself feeling like you lately, wondering if something I've done in the past or the now has cause someone I love very much to suffer the wrath of pain she has to endure everyday. Thank you so much for touching my heart...Paul

~~To share my poems with you is to share my heart with you~~

Member Elite
since 2003-05-30
Posts 3665

9 posted 2006-03-21 01:14 PM

You are not named like you are for nothing...may your life be forever gently peaceful..thank you for the words..


The Lady
Member Rara Avis
since 2005-12-26
Posts 7634
The Southwest
10 posted 2006-03-21 06:21 PM

"here in this moment,
here in the now
let my footsteps
fall, somehow
upon another road;
a different trail"

A poem within a prayer. You have touched me also.

Member Empyrean
since 1999-06-25
Posts 63354
Listening to every heart
11 posted 2006-03-21 09:14 PM

Daughter, I have to agree with Lee J.

She said it best.

One shouldn't do more than applaud her insight.

the grey
since 2006-01-06
Posts 119
Queensland, Australia.
12 posted 2006-03-22 01:26 AM

From birth Gentle Spirit we are molded by our forefathers genes, those around us and the social structure we are subjected to and as we grow, the decisions we ourselves make.  We all reap what we sow and sadly at times are the subject to what other's sow.

We have a spiritual and fleshly aspect to our lives and they war against each other continually.  We all fall short of the mark from time to time, but have the wonderful example of the Nazarene to help us put on the new personality and strive to keep our relationship with his father who, is very merciful and forgiving, and when we make things straight he never keeps account of the injury.

Various trials and tribulations make us stronger and more aware of being compassionate towards others.  It's an ever learning curve and, like Paul, we need to keep our eye on the prize.

The Grey

Member Elite
since 2000-02-29
Posts 3793
13 posted 2006-03-22 10:26 AM

You know the way~Somy~

you know...


Love, Reg

Gentle Spirit
Member Patricius
since 2000-10-09
Posts 13989

14 posted 2006-03-22 04:16 PM

I want to thank each of you for sharing your insightful words, I do appreciate it very much.  Time here now is far to limited, and I thank you for taking the time to peak in.  
cody 2
Junior Member
since 2006-03-12
Posts 48
15 posted 2006-03-22 06:08 PM

if you could ask those questions of yourself you couldent be such a person
Member Elite
since 1999-09-21
Posts 3662
Sycamore, IL, USA
16 posted 2006-03-22 09:36 PM

A very touching piece, but Cody 2 is right.  Someone who's heartless, wouldn't question their own ways.


Senior Member
since 2003-02-28
Posts 883

17 posted 2006-03-22 09:44 PM

We are many, and yet again only one. Refinement is as good a word as any to use here. Which brings us closer to those questions which will need no answers. Options won't exist any longer, but we will...eventually, as a whole. Very nice write here. You brought to surface something very special..
Earth Angel
Member Empyrean
since 2002-08-27
Posts 40215
Realms of Light
18 posted 2006-03-23 10:42 AM

Spiritual growing pains sure can hurt at times!

It is only because you have such a gentle spirit, that you sense and feel so deeply. Never doubt that your life's trials and tribulations are with divine purpose ~ and not a form of punishment. You are a spirit warrior and although your battles may be many, you will rise above them all.

Wishing you peace, harmony and joy in all aspects of your life.

You are a very fine writer, my friend! ~ and you are worthy of the best that life has to offer.

Sending you an extra loving, comforting hug,
Linda xoxo

Dark Angel
Member Patricius
since 1999-08-04
Posts 10095

19 posted 2006-03-30 06:47 PM

echoing Linda in what she said Bella...

hugs and remember


how i would love you, love you as no one ever did! Die and still, love you more. And still love you more..and more

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