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Open Poetry #34
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Member Patricius
since 2003-06-19
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0 posted 2005-02-03 09:42 AM

We were escorted to our table for two
There in Williamsburg
Soft music, low lights
You looked so softly into my eyes
Whilst taking my hand in yours
Playing with each finger, affectionately
I was caught by surprise & in the moment…
One by one, you singled each finger out..
Whispering, my thumb reminded you
Of a great enthusiasm for life
The index finger reminded you
Of my sensuality…while silent in mine essense
The middle finger of a long journey
One of which you’d hope we’d take together
Skipping my ring finger
Tenderly kissing my pinky
You said…”this one is the beauty of your smile, your inner being”
Then, slowly but confidently…moving back to my ring finger
You held it for a moment…silent…looking deeply into me
Then spoke….”and this one, we’ll discuss anon”

I couldn’t move…

© Copyright 2005 Lee J. - All Rights Reserved
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1 posted 2005-02-03 09:51 AM

Oh Lee, Wish I were sitting just behind you so I could have shared those words.Lucky marty
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Between the Lines
2 posted 2005-02-03 10:17 AM

it's those memories of special moments that makes one feel alive~~

loved it, Lee
thank you


Seymour Tabin
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since 1999-07-07
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Tamarac Fla
3 posted 2005-02-03 10:57 AM

A soft and lovely write. You are a joy
good morniing sweet.

Member Ascendant
since 2004-04-01
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Texas, USA
4 posted 2005-02-03 11:06 AM

Excellent my friend.
Great write!!


passing shadows
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since 1999-08-26
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5 posted 2005-02-03 11:13 AM

thank you for always sharing

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