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Open Poetry #34
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0 posted 2005-02-01 06:42 AM

­" "What troubles me is a sense that so many things lovely and precious in our world seem to be dying out. Perhaps poetry will be the canary in the mine-shaft warning us of what's to come."
(Galway Kinnell)

Sing poet friends, songs
That damn indifference.
Fill your throats with verse;
Those tunes, gay or sad may
Fall on other ears, as warning.  

Your cage hangs in a dangerous mine,
Where you breathe in ugly vapors;
Yet (please) still reach for higher notes,
Though the world seems filled with poison.

Pray, lift song, so all will know
You haven't died, your voice
Brave canaries, allows us hope
That the earth may yet survive.

© Copyright 2005 ford hume - All Rights Reserved
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1 posted 2005-02-01 07:12 AM

This is amazing, My God,
yes, we do see like that, right?
Whether we choose to or not.
Beautiful, ford.

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2 posted 2005-02-01 09:27 AM

A long, long time ago
I read about canaries
and mines
and how they saved lives
in losing theirs,
and their voice,
no choice...

no choice...

So I kept a parakeet
Chico, my friend...
and I often
left the cage door open
so he could play
cat and bird
and divebomb the claws
by choice
by choice...

and his song seemed sweeter
with his near escapes
of choice
of choice...

and he would return to his
home sing home
with the cat
at prey.

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3 posted 2005-02-01 10:01 AM

Oddly enough, because of allergies, I have often been called the office canary, being more susceptible to sneezing attacks from molds, mildews, dust devils. An entire three story building was once shut down while the AC/heating ducts were replaced after it was discovered there was a dangerous mold growing inside the unit. LOL, no one had been bothered much except moi, and since I was pregnant with Sara, they followed up on my complaints that I always became 'ill' within 15 minutes of arriving at my desk, which happened to be near a vent. I was proofing/editing technical engineering manuals for Navy vessels, really boring stuff, so at first, they simply joked that I was trying to find another job. LOL.

But I never thought of the poetry connection in this way. Thanks, Ford, for leaving me with a new reason to keep flying.

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4 posted 2005-02-01 10:02 AM

outstanding Ford..
simply amazing

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5 posted 2005-02-01 11:07 AM


Canaries, such sensitive little creatutres, and when they find their voice...ahhh!  I had a canary that I loved very much, and when it died, I worried if their was a message or meaning from it.  Loved the poem and it's meaning!  

passing shadows
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6 posted 2005-02-01 12:39 PM

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7 posted 2005-02-01 12:43 PM

Beautiful Ford.
I love this.


Within this heart you'll find love

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8 posted 2005-02-01 12:45 PM

and we will survive, as long as togetherness and no fear of speaking out, sooth our souls...peace and love to you...
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