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Open Poetry #34
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0 posted 2005-01-28 10:29 PM

That was a mousy face
I looked in for perfection
and a tiny body I tried
to see as marble icon.

Senseless flattery
surrounded a mind like
amber round a simple bug.

The thing I couldn’t
locate, but foolishly
assumed, was compassion
to a depth beyond
a compact mirror.

Was I your uncle?
Some gentleman
nee Jesuit who’d
not notice you did
a line and razor-knicked
that little nose one time
I came to take you out?

Ever the fearless I weighed in,
tummy sucked, tip toed hope,
shiny faced in fresh hair-cut

leaving out the sirens
that had kept me from
being blown away or stomped
on too mean streets.

Brought along instead
the hidden well of a heart,
just knowing you’d fall in,
or wanting you to haul its pail
up to the light and level plain.

Poor girl (and poorer me because),
your quasi advertising job
in a huge city overwhelmed
that true person,

your tinsel strength,

East Texas hamlet reared
(by a part time mother,
no father and a grandmother
who’d have loved me)

snipped by “Ally McBeal,”
“Sex in the City” and cardboard
cut-outs for girlfriends (who’d
never want you truly happy)

You simply thought
you’d click the remote
and I’d disappear,

pixel crackling disintegration.

Poets against the war is redundant

© Copyright 2005 Richard S. Wells jr. - All Rights Reserved
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1 posted 2005-01-29 12:57 PM

A painful portrait to remember, the kind of memory passionate poets write about.
serenity blaze
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2 posted 2005-01-29 04:26 AM

a bite of bitters, with some sweet
absynthe here, heated, warmed
and strained over cubed crystal sugar,
through a spoon, dainty
glowing green in translucence
begging for "again"....

You inspire, sir.

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desert flower looking for rain
3 posted 2005-01-30 03:03 PM

the pure honest raw feel to this is ... outstanding! this is the kind of poetry that jumps off a page and shakes the reader by the shoulder to see if we're paying attention.

wow. i am so damn impressed!

"so I wait for you like a lonely house
till you will see me again and live in me.
Till then my windows ache" ~neruda

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