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Open Poetry #34
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0 posted 2005-01-17 11:25 AM

Waiting for me are hungry fish,
Fining beneath sheets of ice; goals
Of this, winter-Sunday-morning, trip.

Driving my pickup, into a town mostly sleeping,
Where Main street stop-lights blink, orange and red;
I turn west, on an east-west, avenue...

The diner is open at five in the morning,
Inside the plow-crew is warming,
Outside their diesels are running
Belching blue-plumes, into dawn-early light.

Bea, the red-headed, waitress is blushing
Over something the crudest plowman had said,
And as she hands me my change, and coffee;
Coming down Main-street, I see someone walking...
"Healing John", the retired druggist is
Curbing his lab, telling (old) jokes to it;
But the dog doesn't laugh, like townspeople did
While they patiently waited his potions.

He peeks through the door (that for)
Forty years, he held lock and key to...
Shakes his white head as he notices,
His worn, waiting benches are gone..
In their palce is, things that people don't need;
In place of the place where people once sat,
And laughed at his droll jocularities.
Cutting down Grant, I catch Lela bending
Her left hand bunching, lace at her chin.
Fetching the Sunday-paper, she bends
And I notice, how taffeta nicely-can
Outline the curve of womans back side...
The sin warms me; but
I forgive myself of this male-ego fantasy
And my mind returns, within bounds of reality.
Waiting for me are hungry fish,
Fining beneath sheets of ice; goals
Of this, winter-Sunday-morning, trip.

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Listening to every heart
1 posted 2005-01-17 11:40 AM

Y'know, we love it when
your eyes crinkle at
certain sights...

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2 posted 2005-01-17 11:42 AM

I don't know why, but while reading this, thought of Aqualung...?????

Your poem makes that song look like an Oscar Winner....

Ford, your visulizations are astounding...not to mention, lessons learned...

Greatness exceeds in this...

Thank you for sharing

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3 posted 2005-01-17 12:10 PM

Sunshine LOL.....:-)
My eyes have not lost their "crinkle" or twinkle when they observe natures beautiful sights, especially the everyday common ones..wink
Thanks for reading...

It has the same tone as "Aqualung". I live in a dieing place, a small town that is still small...but "growing" with tourist traps. On its last breaths are chain restaurants, Ma and Pa stores are being drowned out by Rite Aid and a Walmart near by, and other crap...ooops I mean things..

"And you snatch your rattling last breaths
with deep-sea-diver sounds,
and the flowers bloom like
madness in the spring."
(Jethro Tull)(Aqualung)

Thank you for reading and your kind reply

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4 posted 2005-01-17 01:01 PM


You write with such a sensitive hand...I loved this!!  

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5 posted 2005-01-17 01:08 PM

Hey Ford,
   I loved this piece of fine work.
Hope you caught some keepers.


Within this heart you'll find love

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6 posted 2005-01-17 01:50 PM

Most people have a different source for their plates of frozen fish. LOL, and the image of a standard supermarket is generally boring. I always enjoy your vivid realtime nature imagery, in which the art of ice fishing lives on.  Not to mention the grins that emanate from those eye crinkles.
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