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Open Poetry #34
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0 posted 2004-12-24 06:39 AM

was about to post this one a day or two ago, then read martie's and thought i'd been beaten to it. but anyway....


Seven yellow shivers race
down fossil-frozen bones
as the tiny earthquakes
of parched knuckles
wince at brittle britain.

The palmed notion drops like
terrified timber, a premature oak.
Lines show the age or us both;
freefall in the fall.

Lumberjack labour sniffs
at tightened hinges;
nervousness of the wood.
Splinters because you can’t see it cry.

Leaves – lovely name –
The hint of replacement
bound up in the syllable
we murder with trudging feet.
That colour, remember,
dies on its fleeting anniversary

The chaos of crowds,
fall of an empire
conjured in a single frame
of animation
The wonder of sound
As we comb seasons,
brush down scarves
and walk to the woods again.

Scared of sunlight,
Seven yellow shivers race to endings.
Shaken, we run to open fires
And the crackle of one more
Elementary victory.

© Copyright 2004 ptwils165 - All Rights Reserved
passing shadows
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1 posted 2004-12-24 06:43 AM

very nicely done

vivid imagery here, yes

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2 posted 2004-12-24 12:36 PM


What a way you have with words!!  Excellent imagery and feel to this...enjoyed!

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The World of Poetry
3 posted 2004-12-24 06:18 PM

Very nice write!


Happy Holidays!

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