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Member Rara Avis
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0 posted 2004-05-07 05:15 AM

Hi guys...

This is going to be long, and I apologize for that.  I have 2 computers that are giving me grief, and I would very much appreciate your input...

Computer #1...

This is my 'main' computer...the one I had been using regularly.  The problem? will no longer power up.  It was working fine, until I cleaned and rearranged my desk area.  I had to unplug everything, in order to move it...  No problem, right?...wrong...  When I plugged everything back in and tried to power up the hard drive, I got nothing.  It's plugged into the same power source as before, and everything else is working fine...just not the hard drive, itself.  

I have tried plugging it directly into the wall outlet, rather than the surge protector... I have tried using a different cable.  I've done everything that I know HOW to do, but I still can't get it to power up.  A couple of times it has 'teased' me, by starting to 'run' for a few seconds, but then dying before it actually came 'on'.  Most of the time, though, it doesn't do much of anything.  All I can usually hear is a faint 'click', from the power supply if it's 'trying' to start up, but can't quite make it.  Kind of reminds me of a car with a dead battery, for lack of a better comparison.

So... if you have ANY suggestions at all, I would sure appreciate hearing them.  Unfortunately, I don't have the money to have someone else fix it for me, or to put a lot of money into 'parts', I really need to try to do as much as possible myself.

My gut is telling me that the problem is in the power supply box, but I could be very wrong.  Is there some way that I can get a better idea of whether or not that is the problem?...and if so, how?  As I said, any help would be greatly appreciated...

Now... on to computer #2...  

This computer has just been sitting for a couple of months.  It was a 'hand me down', and I was planning on switching over to it, because it has more hard drive space, more RAM, and a faster processor than my 'main' computer does, but first I needed to figure out what was making it freeze up all the time.

Anyway...when I first received it, I reformatted the C drive, and installed Windows, and had things working fairly well...  I had the modem installed and it was working fine and I was able to be online.

Well, when my 'main' computer took a dive, I decided I'd use this computer till I got the main one fixed.  That way, I could at least be online and could maintain the Web sites that I take care of and things such as that.  Well, I was wrong...  

I set up Computer #2, and was reminded that the sound wasn't working right, so I decided to start over with it.  I reformatted the C drive, again, and installed Windows again.  Things seemed to be working fine, and I have the sound working now.  It also doesn't seem to be freezing up as often as it had been, so that's a good thing.  The bad thing, however, is that now the modem won't respond.  I have tried multiple times, and it just doesn't want to work.  

My driver software is all saved on the D drive, and I am taking the same steps to install the modem driver as I did 2 months ago.  I'm clicking on 'setup.exe', in the modem driver folder on the D drive.  It says it's installing and when it's done it says it's been successfully installed...but...when I go to Modems in the Control Panel, it shows none installed.  I've tried installing it through Add/Remove Hardware as well.  The problem with that is that I don't know exactly which 'model' of modem it is. I know it's a Lucent modem, but when I tell it I 'Have Disk', and direct it to the modem driver folder, it gives me a list of about 4 different models to choose from.  Well, since I wasn't sure which was the 'right' one, I installed and tried each of them, one at a time.  Still nothing from the modem.  When I install the software using that method, it does show up as installed, in the Modems list in the Control Panel, but the modem still won't respond...and when I try to go online, it tells me my modem either isn't installed properly, or is in use, or something else...can't remember right now...but basically, it's saying it's not working or isn't there.

Also, when I attempt to install the modem using Add/Remove Hardware, I can't just let it search for the hardware on it's own.  If I let Windows search for the hardware, it says it can't detect it...but I KNOW it's there..and like I said, it was working fine just a couple of months ago.

Oh...I have also taken the cover off and made sure the modem was securely in place.  It does 'appear' to be secure, but I'm no expert either.  I've never actually installed a modem, or any other hardware for the matter, so I don't really want to do much with the actual hardware without some guidance.  I do want to learn, but I'd like someone more knowledgable than myself telling me what to do...

So...once again... if you have ANY suggestions at all, I would very much appreciate hearing them.  At this point, I'm at a complete loss, so I really could use your input.  I NEED my computer.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and thanks, in advance, for any help you can give...

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1 posted 2004-05-07 07:41 AM

Ouch!!  This is not my forte - But I bet we have a couple of very good techies around here who can answer all... Um... I'm thinking about you?  Hang in there Vick - It'll all work out - and things are always easy after you have the answer, remember...
Member Rara Avis
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2 posted 2004-05-07 10:27 AM

On your first computer - I'd have to say my gut matches yours. It seems likely there's a problem with the power supply.

The second - have you checked for conflicting or bad slots? If you have't already, try switching your sound card and modem to see if maybe one of the slots is bad.

Good luck Virgil.

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3 posted 2004-05-07 09:14 PM

Vickey- Unfortunately, I have no words of wisdom to assist you in your plight... however, I will offer you this with the hope that it makes you smile as you are being frustrated:


I AM smiling...
And tht fact should be enough to cause you to worry.

since 2001-01-08
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4 posted 2004-05-07 10:40 PM

Hi Vickey, on puter #1 it could be just the power button in front of puter, mine does the same thing you discribed, it trys to start but then quits, so I lightly push the button, not holding it down,, and it will start fine,,

On puter #2, this is just a question, Did you try to install the modem while the phone line was plugged into it? If so, try to reinstall it while the line is unplugged.. maybe that will help.

I am no puter expert either,, but i have reinstalled windows on puter with phone line plugged in and the modem didnt work, i simply unplugged it restated puter then plugged phone line in and it worked. i hope this helps.

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5 posted 2004-05-16 09:39 AM

get new powersupply ther only about 30-40$

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