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Member Rara Avis
since 2001-09-23
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On A Journey To The Unknown

0 posted 2002-03-02 07:58 AM

Is it possible for two people in the same house (each with their own computer) to be able to be on the internet at the same time using the same phone line? If so, how?

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with you
1 posted 2002-03-02 10:42 AM

now that is a good question, I have no idea, but I dont think so....I think there is supposed to be a phone line for each....kinda like you can't be on the phone and online at the same time.....well, I can't be LOL I will wait to see what others say.....
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Between the Lines
2 posted 2002-03-02 11:05 AM

no it isn't and if you are using the same account you can't even be across country and be on at the same time..I tried that one  last month... * that is with phone lines  and I have two in here.. you can both  always be on a computer  you just can't both be on line with the same phone line and/or same paid account.
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By the sea
3 posted 2002-03-02 11:21 AM

Two people can use the same account at the same time, just signed in under different users, but you can't both use the same phone line simultaneously.  That is, I didn't believe you could.  Last week my wife was online and my son played a videogame online, using the same telephone number, with one of his friends.  Both she and my son were dialed in to the same line.  So, now that I've totally confused you, I'll hush. LOL

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Poet deVine
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Hurricane Alley
4 posted 2002-03-02 11:28 AM

Are the computers networked (linked together)?
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Cape Cod Massachusetts USA
5 posted 2002-03-02 11:46 AM

I believe it's possible with today's technology.. You need a 'hub' though.. (as opposed to a hubby - that's old technology)... The hub is a networking system that I haven't researched, as there's only one of me and I can easily dial up from either my PC or my laptop separately...

Anybody know about the hub??..

Member Empyrean
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Canada eh.
6 posted 2002-03-02 11:55 AM

Yes, you have to set up a network using an Ethernet card in each computer to have your computers networked first.  Then you need to download the instructions from your Windows 98 or better for ISC (Internet Sharing Connection) first, BEFORE you download and install the actual ISC program, otherwise it will not work properly. *one of the 'perks' Microsoft provides but doesn't offer much support on it.*
If you decide to go this route I may have the support file if you care to email me.

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British Columbia, Canada
7 posted 2002-03-02 12:24 PM

Well as I type the man upstairs is on my line!  I have ADSL and am allowed three different extensions on it, but you have to tell them at the time of connection that you have others users in the house with their own machine.  In otherwords, I pay the bill, and have three separate accounts within the account.  One I gave him, and the one I use, and hey, maybe I should give you the other one   kidding.  Check with your internet provider, I know here in Canada, with ADSL through the phone company it can indeed be done, because I am doing it! Opps ... yes and I bought a "hub" whatever that is, and the ethernet thingee.

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Member Rara Avis
since 2001-09-23
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On A Journey To The Unknown
8 posted 2002-03-02 03:30 PM

Thank you all for your responses.

To Poet deVine
I don't know if our computers are networked or not. How do I find out?

To Nan
What is a hub and where do I get one?

Member Rara Avis
since 2001-09-23
Posts 7081
On A Journey To The Unknown
9 posted 2002-03-02 03:33 PM

Oh yeah! Auguste, how did your wife and son do that?
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Coastal Texas
10 posted 2002-03-02 04:56 PM

There's a hub, which allow several computers in one physical location to 'talk' to each other. Great for sharing files or fragfests. Then there's switched hubs, which do the same, but instead of parceling out the network speed (dependent upon the speed of your NIC or adapter), each line gets full speed.

Now on to routers. Like the hub, there is an option to network several computers in-house. You can also connect your external modem to share the internet connection as well. Note: this parcels out the overall speed to each computer connected to the router. A router aslo does the nefarious task of providing a single visible IP, while hiding the computers connected to it. Most ISP don't like this, since those that bill per user only see one user, not 2 or more. You can also get a switched router, which is just like the switched hub for internal NIC speeds, but there is still a sharing of the internet speed.

Currently, we only have an internal dialup modem, but I'm on a laptop while my ladyfriend is on the desktop. We use ICS (internet connection sharing) through USBNet (USB Ethernet adapter). This works pretty good for file sharing (a boon when we need to reformat a drive, since all archived setup files are on a partitioned drive), online games, internet sharing, and intranet games (fragfests). Best $20 I ever spent.

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Member Rara Avis
since 2000-06-07
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Twilight Zone
11 posted 2002-03-05 01:52 PM

Windows 98 now provides users the ability to share one Internet connection with multiple computers on your home network. One computer, the Connection Sharing computer, communicates with the Internet. Requests from other computers on your home network are routed to the Internet through the Connection Sharing computer. You can also configure Internet Connection Sharing to allow users on the Internet to reach Web, e-mail, and game servers that are on your home network.

With Internet Connection Sharing, one computer on your home network, called the Connection Sharing computer, has an Internet connection and provides private IP addresses and name resolution services for the other computers on the home network. Then, the other computers on your network can access the Internet through the Connection Sharing computer using private IP addressing translation.

When a computer on your network sends a request to the Internet, its private IP address is transmitted to the Connection Sharing computer, which translates it to the Internet IP address of the Connection Sharing computer, and then sends it on to the Internet. When the results are returned, the Connection Sharing computer translates the IP address back again and routes it to the correct computer on your network. The only computer on your home network visible to the Internet is the Connection Sharing computer. None of the other computers on your home network has a direct connection to the Internet.

When automatic addressing is enabled, Internet Connection Sharing uses the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) to dynamically assign private IP addresses to all computers on the home network. You can also disable the automatic addressing service and statically assign an IP address to each computer on the network.

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12 posted 2002-03-27 11:14 PM

depends on your OS... it's POSSIBLE to share a connection through ICS in win98, but i wouldn't do it Win98 is too unstable for that kind of thing to work for very long in my experience...

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