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The Female Land. 02/08/04

Slim fingers of cloud
Gliding across
This fresh green land


droplets form rank
and fall
like lemmings
or those men of Market Garden


She moans
In anticipation
Thrusting her curves


Restored and revitalised
Arteries flow once again


Satiated she blossoms
With sparkling eyes
And rainbow cheeks.

Lately I have been uncomfortable with my style of writing and therefore I am looking for a change of style. I know that it can probably only come from myself but I would appreciate some suggestions on where I could start my journey. Oh and if your wondering why I posted this peice, partly because I felt like getting some advice and partly because this is the last peice that I really felt comfortable writing.


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1 posted 2004-09-19 07:54 PM

As for the piece itself, the personification of earth/nature into the form of Gaia was well done.

If you're looking for other styles of writing, as well as exploration, simply peruse the Poetry Workshop.  There is a veritable plethora of different forms, formats, styles, schemes and examples found there.  And, if interested in something not found there, I'm sure Nan would be more than happy to create another class exercise.

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