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Member Rara Avis
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0 posted 2003-07-18 01:06 PM

We need mushrooms,
yes, and some kohlrabi.
Please remove the greens.
Thank you.

Let's go over here.
I think they have large eggs.
Excellent. Would you like strawberries?
Oooh, look at these plums.

Some celery would be nice.
And fingerling potatoes.
That woman, damn, look, she bought
the last bunch of white carrots!

we need cilantro.
And red swiss chard, crisp.
Yes, I see his stand.
Don't be fooled by him.

He claims his dried persimmons
dipped in fresh-ground cinnamon
and steeped in boiling tea
make a great dessert.

I've tried that, per instruction,
with his own persimmons.
The fruit had no flavor at all.
The tea was weak and mild.

He also has some gouda,
and that is much more tasty.
Still, do not trust him,
though his price is fair.

Before we go, let's stop here
and buy some pork tamales.
Yes, please green sauce only, please.
Mike, help me with these bags.

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Member Rara Avis
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the ass-end of space
1 posted 2003-07-18 01:55 PM

Peaceful. A stark contrast with the events that took place in Santa Monica, always good to read you M.
Local Parasite
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2 posted 2003-07-18 05:20 PM

This is an interesting style.  Something I'm not quite used to.  It's the mundane and you describe it in mundane language, which is kind of intriguing, and the little bit of depth behind the man who's not to be trusted kind of furthers my intrigue.  I read that part a few times to try and see what's beneath it.  "He's not to be trusted."  That seemed a bit exaggerated... just because the fruits he has to offer aren't as good as he claims...

I might not understand it fully but I still enjoyed reading it quite a bit.  Thanks for sharing it with us, Mikey... always nice to see your name in this forum.


Faith is a fine invention
When gentlemen can see
But microscopes are prudent
In an emergency.
~~~Emily Dickinson

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3 posted 2003-07-18 05:28 PM

An extremely interesting read, I wasn't sure what to make of this (I admit that I'm still a little confused by it), It's extremely innovative, though I have to say that it seemed a little flat. An interesting read nonetheless. Thanks for sharing


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In an upside-down garden
4 posted 2003-07-19 10:58 PM

This reminds me of shopping at the market with my grandmother (a rare treat).  Thank you for reminding me.
Member Rara Avis
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New York
5 posted 2003-07-22 05:09 AM

as I have always said Mikey . . .
you make everything look beautiful

Child of the Stars
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6 posted 2003-07-22 08:54 AM

Flat yes, but only when flat is all you see...I've driven into this and can't get out. So if this wasn't your intention...oh well.

I see relationships. Ingredients interlock to form some recipe I can't decipher. The marketplace only sometimes offers interesting turns, but otherwise is merely -there-..

Now here's the turn:  a man who tempts with his own taste but satisfies nothing. But he -does- have class and something to offer. He's got gouda (which by the way is one of the most sickening smells on earth to me). But here is there also something? Everyone has their own tastes, but just as it is dangerous to adopt theirs, it's fatal to think that yours are all there are.

Back to the present. Now, life's simply life, and all that's necessary to maintain it is carrying a few bags of groceries.

More captivating than I first thought, Mike. Thanks for waking me up.


"How inimitably graceful children are in general before they learn to dance!"
           --Samuel Taylor Coleridge

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7 posted 2003-07-23 07:37 PM

I see more than what this says...hidden meanings. So at first i was confused, now.. I'm more confused. But that doesn't make me like it any less
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Member Rara Avis
since 2000-01-03
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8 posted 2003-07-24 11:51 AM

Aenimal had it right. I go to a Farmer's Market with my roommate nearly every Sunday in Encino. After the tragic accident in Santa Monica, Farmers Markets have become fetishized commodities. I just wanted to bring it back to what it actually was.
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