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0 posted 2003-07-10 01:16 PM

Restless and twitching
At least she sleeps for now
Tiny droplets beading
On her hot and fevered brow

Damp hair glistens
As I brush it to the side
I knew this could happen
When I signed up for this ride

So I sit by her side
With a cloth, cool and damp
And with gentle motions
Her heated brow I tamp

A shuddered catarrh
Then how still she lies
One final squeeze of hand
And I say my last goodbyes


© Copyright 2003 Alastair Adamson - All Rights Reserved
Poet deVine
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Hurricane Alley
1 posted 2003-07-10 03:14 PM

Ali, this is so sad. Exceptional work though...
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2 posted 2003-07-10 05:48 PM

in silence, offering a heart hug
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3 posted 2003-07-10 05:57 PM

*smile* No worries. This one was not based off of any real-life instance, but simply from the pictures in my mind. Thank you both for your replies though.

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4 posted 2003-07-12 10:24 AM

A very sad picture indeed... you did a very good job in potraying it to us, though. Sad and lovely write.

Oh, make me Thine forever
And should I fainting be
Lord, let me never ever
Outlive my love for Thee

Member Rara Avis
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5 posted 2003-07-13 02:14 AM

Definetely sad, Kitten.
I like it though...seems it could be about a child.

I hope things are going well for you. Its great to see something after so long.

You could hurt me with your bare hands. You could hurt me using the sharp edge of what you say. JEWEL

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6 posted 2003-07-13 03:54 PM

The title is misleading, but I like that.  It made the ending more real, the same way that experiencing the death of a loved one would truly feel... hopeful at first, and then shattered by the loathesome, anticipated truth.

You wrote the process well, Alastair... and it definitely had a profound impact on me.  This is something I wish I could learn to write.

Excellent work... and good to see you in Sanctuary.


Poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world.
~Percy Bysshe Shelley

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7 posted 2003-08-02 04:49 PM

I don't know how you do it, but you've done it again.  Every poem you have written, that I've either read or heard you read stirs some kind of emotion.  Much talent in you m'friend - take care you.


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8 posted 2003-08-02 06:29 PM

Great writing


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