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0 posted 2003-05-21 12:59 PM

this needs to be free of me
it prevents me from being
          holds me back like a giant hand
                    clenching at the very thing that
                              lets me do this
it clutches at my heart
          and at my soul
fills my thoughts and walls up what I
                     really want to say

it hands me words and phrases that I
would have never used before
          and causes me to lose the one thing
                     that I value the most
that feeling that gives me peace inside
          a feeling that I almost forgot
                     how to feel
until now

now, this is being replaced by that
          that which finally lets me be me
                     helps me to release what I've held onto for so long
and gives it back
          to what gave it to me
                     in the first place


To the world, you may only be one person. But to one person, you may be the world.

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1 posted 2003-05-22 02:12 AM

Well Sven!  I must say it's good to know you've finally gotten rid of whatever it was that had your soul feeling so caged up in the first place.  Gave it back to that which gave it in the first place?  Twisted kind of revenge eh?  Or so it would seem...

I'm not so sure what you were talking about in particular but it's clear that you dodged an actual specification of it for the sake of interpretation... or just for the sake of secrecy... whichever.

Like I said... good to hear that your spirit is free again and allowed to be itself.  Go for a walk in the park or something.  Have a blast with it while it lasts, and write your little heart out...

So nice to be seeing so much writing from you lately, Sven... hope you're doing well, my friend.


Poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world.
~Percy Bysshe Shelley

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2 posted 2003-05-22 06:28 PM

Not quite sure what "it" is either Sven, but with me? Sometimes it's a poem INSISTING to be written, and the longer I ignore it, the louder it gets.

I like that "drift down slowly" form you use too--gives a floaty quality to your work.

Enjoyed this.

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3 posted 2003-05-28 05:12 PM first read..I think...WHAT?? WHAT IS "IT"?? And its driving me nuts to you should have some specific thing that you are talking about...but..then again..this could be like a fill in the blank for life poem...letting the reader give "it" their own personal meaning..which they do anyway..don't they?


You could hurt me with your bare hands. You could hurt me using the sharp edge of what you say. JEWEL

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