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Poet deVine
Member Seraphic
since 1999-05-26
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Hurricane Alley

0 posted 2002-05-17 08:12 PM

The muse giggles as I write
could this be my last poem tonight?
could it be the last ever
pen drained, I'll write never

I should make this succinct
full of good words to make you think
ideas that will astound
poems that will always be around

but somehow the meter is wrong
this is no one's poem, no one's song
maybe I'll give up, what's the use
when deserted by your rhyming muse

© Copyright 2002 Poet deVine - All Rights Reserved
Deputy Moderator 1 Tour
Senior Member
since 2001-05-15
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1 posted 2002-05-17 08:39 PM

somehow i don't think you're as deserted as you seem to think.

Member Laureate
since 2000-10-29
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Between the Lines
2 posted 2002-05-17 08:43 PM

a poet can run but never hide for too long..


Deputy Moderator 5 Tours
Member Rara Avis
since 2000-01-03
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3 posted 2002-05-18 06:14 PM

Ooo, I like that Maureen. It should be yr signature.

And stop bashing yrself, pDv -- compared to our he-muse stuff, this is gold.

She said burn ... together.

Member Seraphic
since 1999-05-20
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Cape Cod Massachusetts USA
4 posted 2002-05-19 09:17 AM

Do we allow poems that condone poeticide around here???..

Cute poem, PdV

Yu Lan
Senior Member
since 2000-04-13
Posts 1462
New Zealand
5 posted 2002-05-20 01:15 AM

Hehe, your muse giggles? How cuute!! ^_^


It's nice to share - kiss someone when you have a cold.

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