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Dark Poetry #3
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0 posted 2003-01-02 12:59 PM

This poem is dedicated to Dawn, our friendship ended on January 1, 2003 at 9:31 P.M.
I cry for our lost friendship, yet I rejoice for the found memories. 1993-2003

Friends are the people,
That are always by your side,
A friend is someone,
That solves problems and never runs and hides,
A friend is a person,
That picks you up when you are down,
A friend is a person,
That makes you smile when you have a frown,
Friends are special people,
That are never ashamed of you,
They are the people,
That help you make it through,
A friend is a person,
That makes your day worth while,
A friend is a person,
That never forgets your smile,
A friend is a person,
That always makes the moments last,
They always keep the good memories in heart,
And the bad memories, they put in the past,
A friend always calls,
Just to hear you say "What's up?"
When you fall,
Your best friend is there to pick you up,
Friends always cherish the little things,
That makes you laugh, smile, or frown,
Because friends always want to have everything,
Even the ups and downs,
A friend smiles at you,
Even when they get mad,
A friend loves you through anything,
The good, the worse, and the bad,
You are my best friend at heart,
Even though we barely speak,
And we have grown so far apart,
You and I were two of a kind,
We were sisters in the Lord,
I loved you so much,
And I mean every word,
God once blessed me,
With a special person, and that was you,
But you forgot about that blessing,
And left me here without you,
Now I hang on a broken limb,
Striving to hold on,
Because I thought you would come back for me,
But now you are gone,
One sweet day I hope to relive these memories,
Just you and me,
Whatever steps in my way,
You will still be in my heart,
And I'll think of you everyday,
Never be afraid to call and say Hi,
Or take a walk and decide to stop by,
You were the person that made my life great,
And not being friends with you is something I hate,
I know when you read this,
You will probably cry,
You will feel sad,
And like rainfall, tears will fall from your eyes,
When we get old,
And we look back on this day,
Remember this poem,
And remember everything I say,
January 1, 2003,
I made the decision,
For Our friendship to be released,
But always know, I promise to you,
We will be friends forever at heart, Me and You...

Never hold back something important to tell someone, even if its big or small, because if you do, you may not ever get the chance again to tell that person...

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1 posted 2003-01-02 10:43 AM

I just recently lost a friend Nov.4(my dad)but i am also thankful that my best friend
was there for me in my time of sorrow.My dad always told me that you will have alot of people in your life that you will think are your best friends, but in reality there will be only one.

I am sorry for your loss!But these poem is a true dedication that we will never forget them!my heart goes out to you!

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2 posted 2003-01-02 11:18 AM

Well said. The bonds of true friendship are very strong and hard to let go of, hope nothing but happier days for you in the New Year.

My perspective of me is different,
As I look out from within,
Than that of others on the outside,
Trying to look in.     ┬ęspirit

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