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Dark Poetry #3
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since 2002-10-06
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0 posted 2002-10-06 03:47 PM

My passion lies breathing
  behind those slim lips
  Your struggling smile
pushes out, sips at my want

Puzzle piece desires
Honeyed bits
Crystalline bile

  But I know your flesh
  has lit its fires- I see your lines
Gentle, sure yet so impure
You stain my skin so sweetly

Idiot Angles
twist burning brain
I just don't know
  if I'll come round again
  You know I'm hot from
curve to base?

One vast look sent mortar flying
My wall fell down and now
  I'm crying
We're one weird complex
  of Unmeant lines
  and Unspent force
Old want turns to need
  Need is now remorse

© Copyright 2002 Brian Jones - All Rights Reserved
since 2002-09-30
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Canada, Ontario
1 posted 2002-10-06 04:15 PM

Amazing.  Your words are truly inspiering.
I found great sadness between the lines but at the same time a great sence of power as well (you seem to know exactly what you're talking about and how to control it).  You're truly artistic with the way you tinckle with those words.  Always a pleasure to read your work.
Succubus (The Spider Queen)

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ON Canada
2 posted 2002-10-06 04:23 PM

Thanks for the encouragement.
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3 posted 2002-10-07 12:19 PM

I'm likin' the new fall harvest of writers!

Keep goin', all of you.

And won't you check out my Poetry Challenge SCARE ME! ?


(oh, and Amaranthine, check out my poem Old words going, only a few days old on this forum, to see how we both used bricks and mortar, but in different contexts -- kinda strange how we both lit on the same imagery. Must be an October thing. )

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blues & greys
4 posted 2002-10-07 06:14 PM

powerful read, i found my self wanting to shout the words outloud as i read through it again and again...eor
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5 posted 2002-11-01 02:29 AM


Are you scared?                            BOO! Are you now?

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