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Dark Poetry #3
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0 posted 2002-09-06 01:51 AM

I feel a rage coming on
I feel the notes of my favourite song
Blarring through the corridors of time
Brandishing each nerve attached to my spine
And screaming at the top of each chord
Reverberating in my mind
But whatever right?
Like it matters anymore!?
You're gone
Like many times before
Kind of tired
Of reliving your last words
Before I walked out that hotel room
What a bunch of recycled lies
But I really can't help it
At times I fall upon my knees
In tears and in pain
Hating myself
For being so obessively naive
And for actually almost
Allowing myself to get close
And to actually almost
Letting my guard down
I should have listened to my intuition
But whatever right!?

If at first you don't succeed destroy all the evidence that you tried.

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1 posted 2002-09-06 03:51 AM

Ceinwyn, i know the feeling of fatigue from reliving those last words... doesn't stop me from doing it again though.  "At times I fall upon my knees" sounds like a cliche, except that i remember distinctly doing just that.  and more actually.  and similarly, hating myself.  bravo.

Annie :-

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2 posted 2002-09-06 09:56 AM

You've learned how to bend without breaking. Now, you can go get all embroiled again, cause that's how it works. I think.

p.s. intuition, while often correct, seldom was a determining factor for me either.

In reply to "which way do we go?", the answer was never "straight", but, "progressively forward".      


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3 posted 2002-09-06 01:22 PM

I feel the pain, anger, and sadness of this piece, Kristen. I hope it helped y'.


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