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Dark Poetry #3
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Once Upon, USA

0 posted 2002-09-01 10:11 PM

"The folks are going out tonight
In celebration of an abundance of years together
What are you doing?"
I dunno, said I
Downing a few in solitude and respite I guess
"Well come back over and chill with me
You don't spend enough time with your brother."

Isn't it funny how one who plays to get
Nothing but high
Knows how to play such a game of heartstrings
Yet, maybe, tonight, barriers will be lowered
For a correlation exists
The higher the level of intoxicants
The more openly spewing the mouth of the soul.

But alas, my foolish return
For the family reunion of convo
Lasted all but ten minutes
It was a good ten minutes
Obliterated, brotherly, at once
By the need to leave
With a caravan of misguided friends
In search of more
of nothing but high

"Be back in an hour"
My intelligently stupid bro' says
So I patriotically raised the middle digit
As I slammed the door
And headed for home
Realizing that a fool's true victory
Is in the conversations alone with self.

© Copyright 2002 Carrigan Chantz - All Rights Reserved
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1 posted 2002-09-01 11:02 PM

You know I've talked myself into many a disappointing places...even some *naughty* ones...grins to me...

but? YOU LEARN...and do it a few more times...only then can you get it right...
we take error with the best of em it seems...(you and I sweets)...and in your case? you listen to your heart before your head before your heart??!! I do love that about you...

so we shall try try again.

loved this Chris...sounds like a few of my family reuns...

Open arms can be the most fragile in the world...

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2 posted 2002-09-01 11:29 PM

Purity friend,
In Vino Verite, Too bad they don't hang around long enough for it to spill out (the verity, not the vino). I've noticed that the "Crowned Princes of Excess" know well how to play the headstrings as well as the heartstrings.

And oh! I, uh, gotta see a guy know. I'll, uh, catchya later.


In reply to "which way do we go?", the answer was never "straight", but, "progressively forward".      


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3 posted 2002-09-02 01:33 AM

This was simply, poetically great!
And, if it's any consolation
Your brother will surely learn
If even it has to be the hard way
At least you showed your patriotism!
I should join you in that fool's convo!
We'd have a blast! Super writing, here!

"So give life to your dreams, for there lies your survival, and cast your heart beyond those faded scenes, and I'll bring you through the storm

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4 posted 2002-09-02 01:23 PM

intelligently stupid?
raising my hand..........
this one hurt, Purity
but one that is needed

serenity blaze
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5 posted 2002-09-02 01:24 PM


seeing me

in yer bro...

sometimes I can't believe they still love me at all.


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6 posted 2002-09-02 06:53 PM

the need to leave
With a caravan of misguided friends
In search of more
of nothing but high

i end up the same way every weekend... a salute from the door and a trip into the night, getting light headed and blitzed and waking miraculously back in bed.
speaking of which, the streetlights are turning on...

it's our struggle for identity that leaves us all unknown

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7 posted 2002-09-02 09:02 PM

Great work.  I enjoyed reading it.  Sorry I cant say more...but more can be possibly said?

~*~I'm only a dreamer, with broken dreams, and only words to fall back on~*~

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8 posted 2002-09-03 12:03 PM

Keep writin', searchin'
and findin'.


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