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Dark Poetry #3
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0 posted 2002-08-25 01:01 AM

I'll take the lead
And invent new ideas
But [edited] firm rules
I don't obey
So neither will they
We'll risk having to learn
Crushing lessons in maturity
Soft buttered heart
Hides deep-seeded fears
Am I disliked?
Am I unloved?
Forget it, I will be brave
Just don't let my dreams
Run down my face
In tragic tears!
If so, my heart will melt
And my soul will be bruised.

"So give life to your dreams, for there lies your survival, and cast your heart beyond those faded scenes, and I'll bring you through the storm

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1 posted 2002-08-25 02:41 AM

you go, n_f_n!!!
totally inspiring and f'ing amazing!
envy drowns me now!

i'll always need a friend, one i can defend.

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2 posted 2002-08-25 07:48 AM

Newsy, I like the "conflicted" thoughts in this. Soft as iron.


In reply to "which way do we go?", the answer was never "straight", but, "progressively forward".      


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3 posted 2002-08-29 12:48 PM

Wranx said it best, here.


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4 posted 2002-08-29 03:31 PM

Yup yup, good work!  (Do you really need to hear that for the millionth time??) I enjoy reading your work very much!

~*~I'm only a dreamer, with broken dreams, and only words to fall back on~*~

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