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Dark Poetry #3
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A Shield is distorted with hateful sign’s of anguish
as bullets of intense heat thrust through,
innocent yelps become a cowardly cry.

Vulgarity screams with a distasteful sigh
as soured shadows follow blindfold souls
with colors of skin equaling flashbulbs of hate.

Blackness begins keen to a cave of unknowing fear
while fields of tainted souls overcast the innocent
cries of equality are incinerated in the backs of slaves.

Shattered hearts are scattered, forever lost
as realization becomes a painful welcome
becoming a doormat for unjust hate.

Overseen by color; dissolved in a pool of equality
eyes engraved with hateful intentions
restore morality, hate only a futuristic idea.

Engulf ideas of refreshing scents
as love supersedes the trials of hate
only to see colors of skin becoming a mere illusion.

Feelings Intertwine with one another
as leaves of color slowly descend on the free fall
paleness becomes a suit for all.

Spectacles of white float effortlessly on the ground
Bliss a sanctuary for all

© Copyright 2002 Tomer Fried - All Rights Reserved
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1 posted 2002-07-28 02:01 PM

You have written a colorful portrayl here!

I think we all yearn for the paleness of them trees!

welcome to I've not welcomed you yet!!! (sowwy)

take care you!!!

Open arms can be the most fragile in the world...

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