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Rex Allen McCoy
Member Elite
since 2000-01-30
Posts 2863
Sippin a Timmy's in London

0 posted 2000-07-28 10:07 AM

An Eagles Revelation
© by Rex Allen McCoy

At dawns early light
a frozen tick
fell from an eagle
dropping gently
past a shear cliff face
only to be caught
by brisk winds
sweeping through a mountain valley
and lifted
to the sheer heights
of the crystal blue ionosphere
Then drifted down lazily
through a lingering cloud
with moisture bonding
crystalline to its' form
increasing in size
and stature
'till dawns' reflecting light
from a tiny
ice diamond
no larger than a flea
Then shot back to the heavens
on a passing jet-stream
collecting toxic fuel residue
from an iron eagle
further increasing its' frozen density
before descending earthward
in a projectile type manner
approximately the size
and shape
of a pea
Its' speed increasing
to terminal velocity
before slamming into the snow-capped top
of a Rocky Mountain peak
causing the slow growth of a snowball
as it commenced to roll and bounce and tumble
with descending gravitational attraction
toward an enormous
snow bound overhang
that shook and exploded with the impact
... time took a breath ...
before the avalanche dropped
from the sharp raw edge of the cliff
shearing off century old trees
and loosening rock in its' path
increasing in momentum
toward the unsuspecting sleeping village
that had no warning
of the impending nightmare
before it was buried alive
beneath a million tons
of snow laden
with rock and trees ...


For the love of god
... never ...
... ever ...
tick-off an eagle

© Copyright 2000 Rex Allen McCoy - All Rights Reserved
Heather Miller
since 2000-07-19
Posts 409
Bryan, Ohio USA
1 posted 2000-07-28 10:41 AM

LOL, I really liked this. It was quite amusing.  

Without the experiance of love where would we be?We would have no wonderful memories to cherish.With love it brings hurt with hurt brings bittersweet

Member Empyrean
since 1999-06-25
Posts 63354
Listening to every heart
2 posted 2000-07-28 12:01 PM


Last weekend I was in the country and by the time I got home, was covered in ticks.  AARRGGHH!  Hate the little buggers! But I never, ever thought of putting it to good use, as you've done!

Once again, you've got me glad I'm not still ticked!


~~~Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow.
Helen Keller ~~~

When you want to be loved, look within...KRJ

Poet deVine
Member Seraphic
since 1999-05-26
Posts 22612
Hurricane Alley
3 posted 2000-07-28 12:26 PM

I love this Rex!! Even the lowly among us can evolve into something grand...    
Junior Member
since 2000-04-28
Posts 49
Tucson, AZ
4 posted 2000-07-28 01:45 PM

A fun read and well written. I liked the way you built up to the final setting. Great Job!

Life is not a spectator Sport!
Dance like no one's watching.
Love like it's never going to hurt.

Member Elite
since 2000-02-16
Posts 2637
5 posted 2000-07-30 02:55 AM


You qwack me up, loved muches,

Love, Cerenity

"God doesn't have to be reminded that we exist.
We have to be reminded that He exist!"

(Writer Unknown)

Member Elite
since 2000-01-18
Posts 4713
6 posted 2000-07-30 06:23 AM
just the best to make me smile   thanks
Love Tracie~

Love is the life of the soul...
It is the harmony of the universe

Rex Allen McCoy
Member Elite
since 2000-01-30
Posts 2863
Sippin a Timmy's in London
7 posted 2000-07-30 12:57 PM

Thankyou Heather ... amusing is sometimes my middle name

Sunny ... glad you liked ... they rank at the top along with mosquitoes and blackflies
I offer them all a two finger hand-shake

Sharon ... what a splendid thought ... let's freeze their little butts and sprinkle them past the sunshine

michelle ... thanks ... glad you enjoyed

Cerenity ... thankyou ... happy to have hit your funny bone

Tracie ... thankyou ... one of these days I'll write something about Australia
but first I'll have to dust off my encyclopaedia

Member Patricius
since 2000-05-14
Posts 11858
New Brunswick Canada
8 posted 2000-07-30 10:22 PM

Rex I am going to consider that good advice.
You had me there for awhile but you started giving yourself away early.

That put some fun into the evening read...thanks...ethome..

Member Seraphic
since 1999-08-22
Posts 22648

9 posted 2000-07-30 10:48 PM

Another one of my favorites, Rex! I'm glad you posted this for the book! I love it!


Elizabeth Santos
Member Rara Avis
since 1999-11-08
Posts 9269
10 posted 2000-07-31 03:12 AM

Oh, please, this one needs to be in the book. This is hilarious and a lot of fun to read
LOve it!

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