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since 2000-07-24
Posts 396
New Orleans, Louisiana

0 posted 2000-07-24 12:57 PM

Please DON'T Read

Don't smile so familiar, don't sing so softly, it paints a picture of what should have been. Don't whisper such promises or act so irresistable, don't waltz in with innocence, I saw you dancing with the Devil, don't wish me bright tomorrows as I stand here catatonic, crawling through the aftermath in search of who I am, of course I gave a damn...Don't tempt me with your body... That was April and this is September...Let the dead sleep.
I am left to wonder what ulterior motive coils beneath your pillow, where deceit is born. What laced-apple hides/waits as you reconcile in dreams between i love you and one more kick. So.... don't wink or laugh or blow kisses, don't reminisce or ask about my mother, the cat is still fine and the weather is partly cloudy, the landlord's still an ass and the neighbors are still lesbians, the night is still empty and old photographs still kill me... Broken/shattered souls are not endangered species... Don't send me cards at Christmas, DON'T READ me your sad poetry or swear that you're sorry, it's far too late for tears...

Still if you change your mind...don't hesitate ... I'll be here.
Don't get on my bad side/don't bring out the best in me,
Sorry I ever met you/where would I be without you... don't stand so close/don't move so far,

Lacey don't forget US, say you don't regret US... don't be bitter... I know... but I can change.

I will be here. (You win again)

By Todd-Michael Phillips

© Copyright 2000 Todd-Michael Phillips - All Rights Reserved
Heather Miller
since 2000-07-19
Posts 409
Bryan, Ohio USA
1 posted 2000-07-24 01:02 PM

Very intresting reading, how you were tugging with the feelings back and forth.

With God all things are possible.

Lady Lost
since 2000-07-13
Posts 470

2 posted 2000-07-24 03:30 PM

Wow..I really felt that poem, heart dropped while I was reading it.  I've been there, I've been right there...on both sides.  Great post.

You can never have too much fiction; reality can be such a bore

doreen peri
Member Elite
since 1999-05-25
Posts 3812
3 posted 2000-07-24 03:46 PM

Poet deVine
Member Seraphic
since 1999-05-26
Posts 22612
Hurricane Alley
4 posted 2000-07-24 08:39 PM

Interesting read!.  

[This message has been edited by Poet deVine (edited 07-24-2000).]

since 2000-07-24
Posts 396
New Orleans, Louisiana
5 posted 2000-07-25 02:32 PM

Thanx Again Heather!

Lady Lost: What can I say except THANK YOU!

Doreen Peri: TY for the response!!!

Poet Devine: Coming from you that means alot to me!

Junior Member
since 2000-07-25
Posts 28

6 posted 2000-07-25 03:19 PM

Todd-Michael, this was very heartfelt!

Thanks for sharing your pain!!!

Geoffrey Sonnen
since 2000-07-05
Posts 142
Reading, PA USA
7 posted 2000-07-25 03:44 PM

This is a supreme offering showing the ambivalence of Love, the tug-of-war between the need of Love and the fear of it. Funny how the two can coincide. Needing the Love, the True Love that can fill your World, hoping with all that is within you that it will not betray you, hurt you, desert you... perhaps even again. Distrusting the One-you-ache-for's motives and sincerity, yearning for them to move into and recognize the True Light of Love, and to recognize you and the Heart within you that beats for them. You ask, "How can he/she deny me, and this Love that I have inside that will always be there for him/her, loyal and willing to go through anything with and for them, desiring to share intimately your Love, your Life ?" and then realize that the One you Love struggles with their own "Spectres" of guilt, Fear, and
denial, denial of even themselves. There is nothing in this world that is more agonizing.
Unrequited Love is Death of the Heart. It is even more painful than losing one to Death, for it brings in so many other factors, betrayal of trusts, disrespect, rejection, abandonment, leaving you intensely lonely and questioning even your own self worth. Have it happen enough times, and your Heart will never recover. Your trust in others and all hope is swept down into the pit that once was your heart. Excellent writing. On a personal note, I pray that your "LOVE" comes around to her senses. If love is there, it should be shown, not hidden. True Love enlightens and is nothing that one should be ashamed of, since what truly makes Love Love is the "thing" that should be "seen". But what do you do when the One you Love is "blinded" by their Fear, ego, and denial ? In the end, and only by a simple choice, they are the only ones who are able to tear down the walls that they have built with their own hands, the Walls that hurt both them AND you, only they themselves if they even allow themselves to see, can choose "True Love" over the "Loneliness of Lies" they have come to believe and live in. If they even read these words, would their egos even allow them to admit the truth. Unfortunately, True Love has to let them go, even if its True Love that they themselves deny and yet strangely enough are even searching for. What do we do... to have and not to be hurt ?

Hoping Truth of Love becomes your reality,

since 2000-07-24
Posts 396
New Orleans, Louisiana
8 posted 2000-07-25 03:57 PM

WOW... Very well said Geoffrey! Thank you for the insight... COOL!!!
since 2000-07-24
Posts 396
New Orleans, Louisiana
9 posted 2000-07-26 06:16 AM

Once again thank you all for your comments and for expressing your reactions here at PASSIONS!

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