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Elizabeth Santos
Member Rara Avis
since 1999-11-08
Posts 9269

0 posted 2000-06-29 03:18 PM

In Like a Lion and Out Like a Lamb

You came in like a lion
So pompous and loud
Talking and working
The obvious crowd

Pleasing and teasing
And using your charms
Facing, embracing
Each one in your arms

I waited my turn
Just like everyone else
And I couldn’t take my eyes off
Your wonderful self

I had long been in love with you
Equal to none
And was saddened to think
I was not number one

You spent the whole evening
Enchanting the room
With your laughter that everyone
Tried to consume

So charming, so witty
So handsome, so sweet
A devil, an angel
Delightful to meet

The women all catered
To your every whim
And I could feel jealousy
Brewing within

By the end of the evening
You finally came
And gave me a kiss
As you whispered my name

Then you closed your blue eyes
And your one-year-old charms
And left like a lamb
In your Daddy’s warm arms

Elizabeth Santos

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© Copyright 2000 Elizabeth Santos - All Rights Reserved
Deputy Moderator 5 Tours
Member Elite
since 2000-01-08
Posts 4697

1 posted 2000-06-29 04:31 PM

Liz, this is such a sweet poem! You have my vote!  

"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars." -Oscar Wilde
"The robbed that smiles steals something from the thief" -Shakespea

Member Elite
since 2000-02-04
Posts 2919
New York, USA
2 posted 2000-06-29 07:04 PM

Elizabeth, How precious, written beautifully as only a sweet Grandma could.  Bonnie
Rex Allen McCoy
Member Elite
since 2000-01-30
Posts 2863
Sippin a Timmy's in London
3 posted 2000-06-29 07:53 PM

I have a granson who takes center stage
Lovely poem Elizabeth

Seymour Tabin
Member Empyrean
since 1999-07-07
Posts 31720
Tamarac Fla
4 posted 2000-06-29 09:34 PM

You have my vote on this one. Love Sy

Member Patricius
since 1999-07-05
Posts 10750
Glen Hope, PA USA
5 posted 2000-06-29 10:03 PM

Liz...I remember this one well and love it as much now as I did the first's certainly got a vote from this owl  

To love means never to be afraid of the windstorms of life: should you shield the canyons from the windstorms you would never see the true beauty of their carvings. ~Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

since 1999-10-01
Posts 265
6 posted 2000-06-29 10:06 PM

This is great ES - well done!   "voted"

Member Elite
since 2000-06-26
Posts 3168
Blue Heaven
7 posted 2000-06-29 10:14 PM

Just when the envy of his highness was burning me up, I discover this one drinks from a sip cup... I absolutley love it Elizabeth. jamie

Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito. - Virgil.
"Yield thou not to adversity, but press on the more bravely".

Member Empyrean
since 1999-09-21
Posts 28049
8 posted 2000-06-29 11:31 PM

Liz--another of my favorites...glad you posted this tender love.
Senior Member
since 2000-05-28
Posts 1170
Plantation, Florida
9 posted 2000-06-30 09:30 AM

What a delightful surprise ending to a poem that I thought was going in a different direction!  Very sweet and written beautifully!
Member Seraphic
since 1999-08-22
Posts 22648

10 posted 2000-07-01 09:51 PM

This is precious, Elizabeth!  


Member Elite
since 1999-06-19
Posts 2462

11 posted 2000-07-15 09:16 AM

what a wonderful delightful gem did I find this morning...
Yu Lan
Senior Member
since 2000-04-13
Posts 1462
New Zealand
12 posted 2000-07-15 07:45 PM

that's so lovely.. ^_^ a bold young boistrous child, bubbling with love 4 her daddy.. *_^ and of course, a little attention.. ^^

Loved this one, another earned vote here..

Luv,< !signature-->


"He who knows others is wise; he who knows himself is enlightened." Lao-tsu

Yu Lan
Senior Member
since 2000-04-13
Posts 1462
New Zealand
13 posted 2000-07-15 07:48 PM

sorry, psted twice...

[This message has been edited by Yu Lan (edited 07-15-2000).]

Dark Angel
Member Patricius
since 1999-08-04
Posts 10095

14 posted 2000-07-16 01:50 AM

Beautifuol and Precious Elizabeth.. Loved it   you have my vote dear.
since 2000-04-12
Posts 268
Backwaters of Avalon
15 posted 2000-07-16 07:23 AM

Liz, something different today eh? Is the kid one of your grandchildren? sounds really sweet hope I can have a kid as cute as yours.

- James
The beauty of nature is displayed,
not through itself,
but through the creatures
dwelling within its bosom.

Sudhir Iyer
Member Ascendant
since 2000-04-26
Posts 6943
Mumbai, India : now in Belgium
16 posted 2000-07-16 03:57 PM

Remember this one very well, Liz...

a definite for the book...

regards, sudhir

Marge Tindal
Deputy Moderator 5 ToursDeputy Moderator 1 TourDeputy Moderator 1 TourDeputy Moderator 1 Tour
Member Empyrean
since 1999-11-06
Posts 42384
Florida's Foreverly Shores
17 posted 2000-07-16 11:35 PM

You know how this one touched my heart.
Did it again !
Thank you.

~*The pen of the poet never runs out of ink, as long as we breathe.*~

Member Rara Avis
since 1999-06-15
Posts 7136
Mobile, AL
18 posted 2000-07-17 01:21 AM

Yes..I've read this one before. It is one of my favorites from you. I love unexpected endings.  

Nothing can deter a poet, for he is actuated by pure love. Who can predict his comings and goings? "Thoreau"

Elizabeth Santos
Member Rara Avis
since 1999-11-08
Posts 9269
19 posted 2000-07-25 04:13 PM

I regret not having responded earlier to your wonderful comments on this poem about my grandson. Thank you all very much for your gracious remarks.

Heather Miller
since 2000-07-19
Posts 409
Bryan, Ohio USA
20 posted 2000-07-27 01:15 PM

Oh my I think this is the sweetest poem I've read  

With God all things are possible.

Member Patricius
since 2000-05-14
Posts 11858
New Brunswick Canada
21 posted 2000-07-27 01:20 PM

Elizabeth I don't know how in the world I missed this.  I just love had me hooked all the way deviless you.......really I thought you were going to snub some arrogant lover somehow...then what do you steal my heart once again.

click! taught me this.

Elizabeth Santos
Member Rara Avis
since 1999-11-08
Posts 9269
22 posted 2000-07-27 08:04 PM

I'm so glad you liked it

Ethome, don't worry, everyone else was fooled also.


I liked the sippie cup remark. Had to read that to my family


Member Elite
since 2000-01-06
Posts 3129
23 posted 2000-07-28 04:47 PM

Liz, your a twisty one you are. I love these one by you. Always written so well.....
I vote.


Elizabeth Santos
Member Rara Avis
since 1999-11-08
Posts 9269
24 posted 2000-07-29 05:26 PM

Thank you, Parker
Couldn't resist the little lamb, huh?
It was a fun poem to write

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