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since 2000-01-06
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0 posted 2000-06-26 06:59 PM

I Slept with You last Night

It was quiet when we talked, alone.
You and me in the evening glow
I could even see a smile,
In the luminescent light

I really wanted to hold you
But knew I could not, at least yet
And your lips danced in my mind
With every word, that you said

You told of dreams and loss
All those changes in your life
And really, I listened very hard
But all I could think of was a kiss

You laughed at my simple jokes
So sweet to humor me so
And my heart would ache
With every one of your smiles

I touched your lips with my mind
So soft and warm, as I thought
I wanted more with every touch
But was afraid that you would run

When we lay down to sleep
I just held you in my arms,
kissed your shoulder and your neck
and saw our future in my dreams.

James Parker Haley   Mar 8, 2000

© Copyright 2000 James Haley - All Rights Reserved
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since 1999-12-27
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1 posted 2000-06-26 07:03 PM

How very tender, Parker...this is lovely.

~ Claire

Could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each other's eyes for an instant?......Henry David Thoreau

Janet Marie
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since 2000-01-22
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2 posted 2000-06-26 09:01 PM

It was quiet when we talked, alone.
You and me in the evening glow
I could even see a smile,
In the luminescent light

I really wanted to hold you
But knew I could not, at least yet
And your lips danced in my mind
With every word, that you said

...and with this one the swoon addiction began...
gentle,tender, and sincere P-man ...
simply perfect
one of my most favs of yours...
pedestals...where did I put those pedestals

Member Empyrean
since 1999-06-05
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Ft. Lauderdale, Fl USA
3 posted 2000-06-26 09:16 PM

How can the same pen that belittles me write such beautiful poetry? It boggles the mind... Voting here!!
X Angel
Senior Member
since 1999-11-07
Posts 1521
4 posted 2000-06-26 09:59 PM

I, too, adore this. You have a wonderful talent Parker, I enjoy thoroughly reading your work.

(now where's that dern box ta check *wink* shh)

doreen peri
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since 1999-05-25
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5 posted 2000-06-26 10:17 PM

you have a way with words, m'friend!~
this one has a haunting effect that will stay with me!

sorta surrealistic and yet so very real!

can't wait to read it again in the book!

Member Elite
since 2000-02-10
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Pickering, Ontario
6 posted 2000-06-26 10:36 PM

I love this one.  There is something about the flow of this, that I can hear your voice reading it.  A perfect addition for the book.


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with you
7 posted 2000-06-26 10:40 PM

James~ (Parker) Big sigh.....this is the most romantic loving, so sweet. **vote**   -SEA

Live,Love,Laugh :) ~SueB

Elizabeth Santos
Member Rara Avis
since 1999-11-08
Posts 9269
8 posted 2000-06-26 10:46 PM

My mind is not boggled, just spinning.
I like this one

Yu Lan
Senior Member
since 2000-04-13
Posts 1462
New Zealand
9 posted 2000-06-27 04:58 AM

so sweet.. speaks of sighs.. romance, and tenderness.. a lovely poem, James.. an earned vote..


"He who knows others is wise; he who knows himself is enlightened." Lao-tsu

Marge Tindal
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since 1999-11-06
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Florida's Foreverly Shores
10 posted 2000-06-27 07:30 AM

Very romantically done.

~*The pen of the poet never runs out of ink, as long as we breathe.*~

Not A Poet
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since 1999-11-03
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Oklahoma, USA
11 posted 2000-06-27 09:54 AM

Very romantic and enjoyable. Liked it much.


serenity blaze
Member Empyrean
since 2000-02-02
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12 posted 2000-06-27 12:23 PM

SIGH...All this and a cowboy hat too...

eye-catching title too...this is really nice work, Parker.

Senior Member
since 1999-06-05
Posts 596
Callington, Cornwall, England
13 posted 2000-06-27 01:04 PM

Very nice Parker   The sweet romantic image was somewhat shattered when Serenity's reply reminded me of the cowboy hat though!  

"We are the music makers and we are the makers of dreams." - Willy Wonka.

Member Empyrean
since 1999-09-21
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14 posted 2000-06-27 02:15 PM

So tender the waiting heart.
Member Elite
since 2000-01-06
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15 posted 2000-06-27 09:11 PM

Claire, thank you very much.  

Janet, well have a swoon on me...  

Balladeer, I never spread any rumors about you beLittle....  

Heather, thank you, your so sweet....

doreen, thank you, your very kind.... and can I kiss you...  
by the way where is that poem, it should be here.

Marina, you got pretty good ears...   Thank you..

SEA, thank you very much...  

Liz, well you spin very nicely, thank you..  

Lynn, thank you..... this is all going to my head...  

Marge, thank you very much.

Pete, don't start sighing on me too....  

serenity, your always so sweet to comment, thanks....

Eric, oh, would you prefer to see me without the thanks.

Martie, so tender of you to say, thank you sweetie.....  


Member Elite
since 2000-03-06
Posts 3733
16 posted 2000-06-27 11:58 PM

I always wondered what men were thinking of while women were talking....    A beautiful weave Parker you have such a soft touch for romance~
Senior Member
since 2000-02-02
Posts 664
17 posted 2000-06-28 01:02 AM

beautifully expressed
I love romantic poems...and so this is it

If all was light...then I would have never learnt the dark...from which such truth evolves
from which evolves the light...
Avanti Rao

Member Elite
since 2000-01-06
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18 posted 2000-06-28 02:38 PM

butterflies, thank you very much, but I must admit, those arn't the only things we think about....   (sometimes it golf.... ya right)

AVANTI, thank you very much.


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since 1999-11-23
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East Lansing, MI USA
19 posted 2000-06-29 12:09 PM

I would be remiss if I did not vote for this poem from my brother Knight of Romance. . .

Superb Parker. . . just superb. . .


That which gives light must endure burning
--Victor Frankl

Member Empyrean
since 1999-06-25
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Listening to every heart
20 posted 2000-07-15 02:09 PM



~~~Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow.
Helen Keller ~~~

When you want to be loved, look within...KRJ

Deputy Moderator 1 Tour
Member Rara Avis
since 2000-07-10
Posts 7423
Maidstone Kent England
21 posted 2000-07-15 02:41 PM

Beautiful, such tender and beautiful words. Loved this sooo much  
Geoffrey Sonnen
since 2000-07-05
Posts 142
Reading, PA USA
22 posted 2000-07-15 06:55 PM

It's good to know that I'm not the only one who believes that tenderness and intimacy go beyond what most try to obtain in a "bed" scenario. True caring and closeness go beyond what can be so easily had. very well written.
       Peace, Geoffrey

Member Elite
since 2000-01-06
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23 posted 2000-07-21 10:05 PM

Sven, thank you

Sunshine, thank you

Marsha, thank you.... hows the switchboard life....

Geoffrey, well thank you for that.


Heather Miller
since 2000-07-19
Posts 409
Bryan, Ohio USA
24 posted 2000-07-22 12:16 PM

Very breath beautiful I'm speechless.

With God all things are possible.

Member Patricius
since 1999-07-05
Posts 10750
Glen Hope, PA USA
25 posted 2000-07-22 04:52 PM simple and tender...enough to make any woman swoon  
Member Elite
since 2000-01-06
Posts 3129
26 posted 2000-07-23 01:51 PM

Heather, thank you very much.

Hoot, so very nice to see you on now and again, thank you.


Member Patricius
since 2000-05-14
Posts 11858
New Brunswick Canada
27 posted 2000-07-23 04:52 PM

Great work! and coming from a fellow Canuck too.
Don't think you're the Lone Ranger with those surreal thoughts. I love the idea and the understanding.

Of course this deserves a vote!

since 2000-07-11
Posts 308
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
28 posted 2000-07-23 09:43 PM

this was beautiful!!!
I almost brought a tear to my eye!!


where can I find someone like you??

You got my vote
< !signature-->

"In three words I can sum up everything I learned about life: It Goes On"
   ~Robert Frost

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since 1999-08-31
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Oregon, Originally From Alaska :)
29 posted 2000-07-24 04:35 AM

I loved's wonderful....this reminds me of something similar to something someone has told me!!!  Very nice!!!  

"Somewhere, somehow, it should be possible to touch someone and never let go again. To hold someone, not for a moment but forever." Unknown

shadow of poetry
since 2000-07-22
Posts 76
midwest usa
30 posted 2000-07-24 02:18 PM

how very tender and endearing
with a touch of desire and longing
written with such a delicate feel to it
like a whisper
you are a gifted poet sir

my sister is the poet
I am but a shadow
by the light of poetry
I read then dream

Senior Member
since 2000-07-23
Posts 1125
North Carolina
31 posted 2000-07-25 10:19 AM

Awww Parker, sigh, I must say, I'm swooning with the rest of the ladies. Be still be wittle heart,lol.Simply gorgeous.

L Tiuch
since 2000-02-04
Posts 151
32 posted 2000-07-25 10:33 AM

How absolutely beautiful!  I know there are men like you out there, and have tried very hard to raise my sons to be included among them.  You have my vote!  Linda
since 2000-03-22
Posts 288
33 posted 2000-07-26 10:45 AM

So dreamy...I love has my vote  

"Life is like music; it must be composed by ear, feeling, and instinct, not by
rule."~ Samuel Butler ~

Member Elite
since 2000-01-06
Posts 3129
34 posted 2000-07-27 02:19 PM

ethome, thank you, glad to see another fellow Canuck about.  

Martini, your making me smile too much. Well you know I'm just around the corner, not that heard to find....  

Justbleu, thank you, it must have been a special moment.  

Shadow, thank you, you read it very well. It was a whisper, and it still whispers in my mind.  

Juls, thank you, if that poem even makes just one little flutter its done its job.  

L Tiuch, well thank you, I hope they learned their lessons well.  

Tess, thank you very much.  

Thank you all for responding so sweetly...


Junior Member
since 2000-04-28
Posts 49
Tucson, AZ
35 posted 2000-07-27 02:26 PM

Well Parker once again you have my vote...I'll just bet that you can make any gal fall head over heels with your sweet talk! Bravo!

Life is not a spectator Sport!
Dance like no one's watching.
Love like it's never going to hurt.

Member Elite
since 2000-01-06
Posts 3129
36 posted 2000-07-31 06:55 PM

michelle, I don't know....wonna find out.  
thanks for the response.


Member Elite
since 2000-05-13
Posts 3552
High Springs, Florida
37 posted 2000-08-01 04:24 PM

ok...i'm in love...i dont care if you look like chilly willy the penguin..i've so fallen in love with your heart...   

wonderful words...wonderful it many times over!!  

and i must agree with geoffry way up there...nuff said..  

one vote here..many more votes in my mind!

GREAT work!!  dg

"Half of what i say is meaningless; but i say it so that the other half may reach you."
-Kahlil Gibran

Member Elite
since 2000-01-06
Posts 3129
38 posted 2000-08-08 11:39 AM

dg, thank you, no chilly willy here. Just a serial neck kisser...  


[This message has been edited by Haleyja (edited 08-08-2000).]

Member Elite
since 2000-05-13
Posts 3552
High Springs, Florida
39 posted 2000-08-08 07:05 PM

woohoo!  now I'VE got the chilly willies!!  kiss away mr serial....  heehee
dg (can i vote again??)

"Half of what i say is meaningless; but i say it so that the other half may reach you."
-Kahlil Gibran

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