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since 1999-05-23
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Coastal Texas

0 posted 2000-06-21 08:44 AM

Tell me Father what you hear
When you close your ears
Tell me Father what you see
When at night you dream
Some say we dream in black and white
I believe in color
So tell me please, my Father-Hero
What transpired those misplaced days
Can you see the rocket's red glare
Bombs bursting in air
The sulferous smell
The death of the fair
Do the carbines rattle your brain
Do you still feel the bullet
Blowing your knee to smithereens
Do you still feel the bullet
Breaking your teeth
Splitting your cheeks
How many friends did you lose
What were their names
Are they in the National Cemetary
Tell me, were the lost memories
Worth the years lost in Korea
The jungles of Vietnam
What pain do you hide in your soul
And why did you hide your medals

Alicat, the Persnikitty

As I sit here dimly thinking
Watching modem lights a-blinking
Churning out poetic hash.
Lord, in all Your piety,
Help me keep my sanity:
Please don't let the modem crash! --Alicat

© Copyright 2000 Alastair Adamson - All Rights Reserved
X Angel
Senior Member
since 1999-11-07
Posts 1521
1 posted 2000-06-21 10:25 AM

This was really sad....great piece of work *hugs*

Member Elite
since 1999-08-31
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Oregon, Originally From Alaska :)
2 posted 2000-06-21 02:33 PM

Sad piece, but I like it!!!!!  


"Somewhere, somehow, it should be possible to touch someone and never let go again. To hold someone, not for a moment but forever." Unknown

Poet deVine
Member Seraphic
since 1999-05-26
Posts 22612
Hurricane Alley
3 posted 2000-06-21 03:35 PM

Being of this era, I felt this especially hard. Thank you for a splendid read.
Senior Member
since 1999-06-05
Posts 596
Callington, Cornwall, England
4 posted 2000-06-22 07:03 AM

Ali, let's just say this poem made me feel!


"We are the music makers and we are the makers of dreams." - Willy Wonka.

Member Elite
since 1999-10-08
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The Hague, The Netherlands
5 posted 2000-06-23 04:23 AM

Excellent writing Alicat !
Esmeralda Ponsonby
since 2000-04-02
Posts 138

6 posted 2000-06-28 08:50 AM

What deep seated emotions you express in this poem, how many other's who have fought the battles hide because it's just to darn painful? Excellent writing here.
Member Elite
since 1999-06-22
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TEXAS (it's all big)
7 posted 2000-07-10 01:15 AM

i'm sure glad i found this alicat .. superb writing
Irish Rose
Member Patricius
since 2000-04-06
Posts 10263

8 posted 2000-07-10 09:46 PM

I see the color blue written throughout this.


Member Rara Avis
since 1999-07-22
Posts 9245
9 posted 2000-07-10 10:23 PM

Ali you sure packed a lot of emotion in this one! Excellent m'friend!
Not A Poet
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since 1999-11-03
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Oklahoma, USA
10 posted 2000-07-11 11:01 AM

Overflows with emotion and so true. Liked it much.


Dark Angel
Member Patricius
since 1999-08-04
Posts 10095

11 posted 2000-07-12 11:23 PM

This is very moving Alicat, Great writing  
Senior Member
since 2000-02-02
Posts 664
12 posted 2000-07-13 06:59 AM

sad but well written...
sad is beautiful too

If all was light...then I would have never learnt the dark...from which such truth evolves
from which evolves the light...
Avanti Rao

Sudhir Iyer
Member Ascendant
since 2000-04-26
Posts 6943
Mumbai, India : now in Belgium
13 posted 2000-07-14 05:28 AM

Excellent writing... very thought-provoking and poignant line of questioning...

Alicat, just wanted you to know that this one moved me a lot really,

regards, sudhir

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